Teaching Our Boys How to Treat Girls & Our Girls to Have Self-Respect

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It was Valentine’s Day and I had just picked up my 11-year-old from an extracurricular activity. I asked how his day had been, and specifically, how his Valentine’s Day had gone, and he proceeded to tell me the following:

A classmate (a girl we’ll call Morgan for the sake of anonymity) gave her crush (a boy we’ll call Devin) a love letter folded inside a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Morgan’s feelings for Devin were apparently not mutual, but instead of politely accepting the gift with a simple thank you—Devin rejected the candy and letter in a very hurtful way. Ripping the letter into pieces and putting it back inside the heart-shaped box of chocolates, Devin pushed the present back into Morgan’s hands. Predictably, heartbroken Morgan began to cry.

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