Courtney Lopez: “Gia Is Very Excited To Become A Big Sister”

Courtney Lopez recently visited the grand opening of luxury baby boutique NessaLee Baby in Livingston, NJ. At the posh event, TV personality and star of Mario Lopez: Saved By the Baby mingled with attendees and browsed the newest, coolest, and most stylish  modern baby products on the market.

Courtney opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about what it was like to attend the Grand Opening, her daughter Gia, 2,  who is “excited” to be a big sis, only craving “sweets” during her pregnancy, and her and hubby Mario’s hopes for a large family. 

CBS: Tell us about the Grand Opening of NessaLee Baby in Livingston, NJ. We hear it’s a drop-off location for Baby Buggy. Why is this project important to you? 

CL: “It was such a pleasure being at the NessaLee Baby boutique opening! I learned about all of the new baby products! I also love the fact that it is a drop-off location for Baby Buggy….it is such an incredible non-profit organization helping those in need.”

CBS: How are you feeling these days? Any nausea? Weird food cravings? Exhaustion?

CL: “I have no weird food cravings…I only crave sweets so my Agent Mike Esterman is always sending me candy care packages!”

CBS: Is this pregnancy different than your first pregnancy? Do you find it hard to keep up with Gia?

CL: “Being pregnant with an active 2-year-old is definitely hard, but it keeps me in shape!”

CBS: We’ve heard Mario is hoping for a boy. Do you think it’s a boy this time around? Can you sense the gender?

CL: “I am horrible at guessing the gender. I thought Gia was a boy! I only pray for a healthy baby.”

CBS: Is Gia excited to be a big sister? How are you preparing her for the baby?

CL: “Gia is very excited to become a big sister. She is constantly playing with her bitty baby to prepare. She’s doing a great job!”

CBS: Are you nervous about having another baby to take care of? We hear Mario wants at least 4 kids. Is this true? Do you want a large family as well?

CL: “Mario and I are so excited to expand our family. Who knows how many kids we’ll have!:-)”

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Courtney’s as phony as they come…and a celebrity in her own mind. .


Courtney is about as sweet as someone can be. I met her once in The Grove and she was so nice. I want to see more of her!


Who cares about the girl Mario Lopez knocked up?


On their reality show, she was a nagging B.


Courtney is soooooo full of herself.