Sharon Osbourne Dishes On Granddaughter’s Shabby Chic Birthday Party

Sharon Osbourne proudly talked about her granddaughter Pearl Clementine’s first birthday recently.

The Talk co-host told People – “We had a birthday party [on the 20th]. Lisa and Jack have a lot of friends with one- and two-year-old babies, so they all came. Pearl had her first cupcake – just a little bit of a vanilla one. She went insane — it was unbelievable to see it. She was shaking with excitement.”

Osbourne continued, “She took three steps on her birthday — it was just amazing. Jack wants about five kids and Lisa comes from a big family too.They both want to have a whole brood.”

She also joked that Pearl gets whatever she wants.

“This is what grandparents are for. When they don’t get something from Mom and Dad, you come to Nana. Pearl knows she’ll get [what she wants].”

Lisa Osbourne also blogged and shared photos from the party.

She writes, “It took me about 10 seconds to come up with a theme for my daughter’s first birthday party. My go-to in life, style, decor, and apparently party planning is “Shabby Chic”. What’s so great about shabby chic decorating is that you have endless options no matter how big or small your budget is. Here’s a look into the party & decor!”


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