Angela & Alfonso Ribeiro “Beyond Excited” About Pregnancy

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air alum Alfonso Ribeiro and wife Angela announced their exciting pregnancy news Wednesday. And now the newlyweds are sharing their baby joy with Celebrity Baby Scoop. Expecting a surprise delivery this fall, Alfonso and Angela are “beyond excited” about their baby on-the-way and tackling the nausea with a healthy dose of “bacon, cheese, McDonald’s fries” and a lot of prenatal TLC.

Alfonso goes on to talk about his 9-year-old daughter Sienna who is eagerly awaiting big sisterhood so much she “even wanted to share a room with the baby.” Continue reading about his upcoming projects and their special relationship with Will Smith and his famous family.

CBS: Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling? Any weird cravings? Nausea?

Angela: “It hasn’t been the easiest pregnancy, but obviously all of the nausea and fatigue are worth it when you’re blessed with having a baby.

As far as my cravings, they’ve been changing a lot but lately I’m craving mango, bacon, cheese, McDonald’s fries, and cupcakes. I’m finding it difficult to stomach meat right now (other than bacon), which is weird since I was a huge meat eater pre-pregnancy. One of the hardest parts is not being able to cook as the smells are just too much for me right now.

Thankfully, Alfonso has taken over that role. He has been such an amazing, supportive husband through it all. He’s constantly massaging me, always touching and kissing my belly, very attentive, and just helping me out in any way he can. It’s really sweet and I’m beyond appreciative of how wonderful he has been.”

CBS: Are you going to find out gender?

Angela: “We aren’t finding out the gender. Initially, I was on the fence. On the one hand, I’m very Type A and have a natural tendency of wanting to be prepared for things – like getting the nursery done, shopping for cute gender-specific baby clothes, etc.

However, after more thought and discussion with Alfonso, I decided to side with him. It’s truly one of the fewest and greatest surprises in life. Plus, we feel leaving it as a surprise is something really exciting to look forward to during the labor experience.”

CBS: When are you due? Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?

Angela: “We are expecting in the fall. I really don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl – we both just want a healthy baby. Sienna, my stepdaughter, is hoping it’s a girl.”

CBS: Are you working out regularly during pregnancy? If so, what are some of your favorite prenatal workouts?

Angela: “I had to modify my workouts due to my sciatic pain, but I’ve been going to a prenatal chiropractor and Pilates which has helped tremendously. I’m also walking and doing light weight workouts.”

CBS: Congratulations on your second baby on-the-way! Are you excited to be a dad again?

Alfonso: “I’m beyond excited! It’s such an incredible time for us.”

CBS: How does your daughter Sienna feel about becoming a big sister? How did you tell her?

Alfonso: “Sienna is super excited to become a big sister. We told her over her spring break when she came out to visit us. She says she wants a sister and even wanted to share a room with the baby. Obviously that won’t be happening, but it’s great to see how excited she is.

We’re keeping her involved by asking her opinion on nursery ideas, names, and she loves seeing the progression of Angela’s baby bump. She’ll make a great big sister.”

CBS: Do you have any baby names in mind? Do you and Angela tend to agree on baby names?

Alfonso: “We have a few names in mind that we both really like, but nothing definite. We probably won’t decide until after we meet him or her.”

CBS: Will you teach your baby “The Carlton” dance as soon as possible? Is Sienna already an expert at the dance?

Alfonso: “I’m sure he or she will learn it at some point. Yes, Sienna can do the dance.”

CBS: Do you still keep in touch with Will Smith and his family? If so, has he shared any fatherhood advice with you?

Alfonso: “Yes, I’m still very close with Will and his family. We actually told them our big news when we were over at their house for breakfast a couple of weeks ago. He’s very excited for us and gave us some great advice.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

Alfonso: “I am waiting to see if my shows that I directed last season are getting picked up for another season. I’m also working on creating some TV shows.”

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  • Jennifer B

    Sienna is beautiful!

  • KAS

    Beautiful family 🙂

  • musiclover

    Sienna is lovely! She favors her father quite a bit I think.

  • maryf

    What a way to dress a 9 year old!

    • Mary

      For a wedding? You are clueless

    • Albus

      I only have a problem with the huge earrings, but other than that, she looks gorgeous.

    • Lindsay Miller

      Are you really that clueless? It’s called a wedding. Their daughter was the jr bridesmaid…her dress matched the other bridesmaids. Have you never been to a wedding?

  • Micaela

    Congrats to them! His daughter is very pretty. She looks a lot like him.

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    What’s wrong with the way she’s dressed? She’s dressed for a wedding. Geez.

  • Missy

    His daughter is his clone!

  • Lindsay Miller

    Beautiful family! They will have such an adorable baby. And to those of you asking about why their daughter is wearing those earrings and that dress, check out the InTouch article of their wedding. Their daughter was the junior bridesmaid…her dress and earrings obviously matched all of the bridesmaids. Geez…even without the article, is it that difficult to figure out??

  • Toya

    My GOD… It’s as if Alfonso shrunk, lighter complexion and turned into a gorgeous girl!! She looks like daddy spit her out… WOW and I’m sure the bundle of joy will be equally as gorgeous. Blessings to them all.

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