Alison Sweeney: “I Don’t Play Games With Food”

Alison Sweeney says she wants to make sure her children, Ben, 8, and Megan, 4, eat healthy. The Biggest Loser host recently shared her thoughts on good nutrition to US Weekly.

She said, “I’m not above bribing, but for me, it’s more about time with the iPad or just allowing them a little bit of luxury items like that. The one thing I don’t do is, I don’t play games with food. It’s really important to me that desserts and sweets are not something I want to put on a pedestal [as] a reward. So, TV time or a special movie — those are the treats I think are fun to make allowances for.”

Sweeney admits it’s “very hard for a controlling person” to keep track of everything her kids eat.

“I don’t feel like a Nazi about it. We’re eating healthy things and they’re enjoying for the most part the food they eat, so when they go to a birthday party and there’s pizza and cake, I don’t sweat it that much.”

The Days Of Our Lives actress has struggled with her own weight in the past.

In a past interview with Good Housekeeping – she said – “I would just complain about my weight and then go and eat a pint of ice cream. And I had tried everything — the shakes, the cabbage-soup diet. I did a cleanse one time, too.”

She admitted, “I was definitely one of those people who fell for the fat-free cookies and chips and stuff that are loaded with sugar and calories. I didn’t understand portions. I thought a bowlful of pasta with a couple of pieces of broccoli on it was good for you.”

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    OK.. Who’s with me?! Megan is a dead ringer to mommy!! Eyes and everything … So pretty.

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