Giveaway: Mother’s Day Prize Package

Enter to win some ‘Haute Mama’ swag in a Mother’s Day giveaway from celebrity-coveted brands Gyft, Posh Mommy Jewelry, and Helen Moon.

For the Indecisive Mom: $50 virtual gift cards from Gyft, the new app that calls Giuliana Rancic as a fan, which allows users to upload, store, purchase, and send gift cards from hundreds of leading stores; the Gyft app is free and available on iTunes or Google play.

For the Glam Mom: Whether you’re a mom-to-be, a new mom, or a mom to many, you will love the $100 gift card towards Posh Mommy Jewelry, which offers a collection of discs, loops, circles, hearts, and mini and tall tags that can be personalized with engraving and birthstones, and even layered or added to, to commemorate life’s most treasured moments – at all budgets! Celeb Brand Fan Club: Pink, Tori Spelling, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilson, Kyle Richards, and more.

For the New Mom: For the ultimate gift, give mom the wisdom of Helen Moon, baby specialist and expert to stars, with a phone or at-home consultation. Known as “The Baby Nurturer,” Helen Moon is one of the most respected experts in the baby care industry. She has amassed a huge following that includes a prestigious private clientele for her calm, individualized, and results-oriented approach to all aspects of baby care. Her “CHERISH” method sets the foundation for success with methods for reading baby cues, feeding & nursing, sleeping, daily & nightly routines, soothing, and above all, foster confidence in both mom and baby. If a personal consultation is out of the budget, don’t worry, because we are gifting you one of Helen Moon’s new book, Cherish The First 6 Weeks: A Plan That Creates Calm, Confident Parents And A Happy, Secure Baby, due out in February 2013. Celebrity Fan Club: Sir Elton John, actor Andrew McCarthy and the creator of Will & Grace.

We are giving away the above ‘Haute Mama’ gift set to 1 lucky reader (value: $165).

One Easy Way to Enter:

Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite ‘Haute Mama’ item above in the comments. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, May 3 at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to US residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*
Congratulations to the winner of our phil&teds giveaway: Margo!

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  1. katie klein

    The posh mom jewelry as I love to accesorize! Thanks 🙂

  2. Amber Miller

    I LOVE the gift card idea.. lets mom get what she wants!!

  3. Heather Lane

    I would love any of these things but especially the Post Mommy Jewelry. The monogrammed necklaces are awesome. With two little girls and another on the way, it’d be a great way to celebrate them! Thanks!

  4. Melissa Navarro

    I love the Posh Mom Jewelry! Would love one with my kids’ birthstones.

  5. Bobbie Gross

    Posh Mommy Jewelry – engraved tags. Something to treasure forever.

  6. Kriste Young

    I would love the posh mom jewelry with my girls birthstones!!! Any of the gifts sound amazing though!!

  7. Renee

    Ilove the posh mom jewelery. I would love an E for my son Easton

  8. ashley

    I would love the consult from Helen Moon! awesome

  9. Miranda M.

    The gyft cards a really cool

  10. Olivia Rubin

    I like the gyft virtual gift card. Nothing like free money

  11. Mariam

    I would love some jewelry.

  12. Doris

    The gift card would be great.

  13. Kendra

    I would .lve anyof these. They all are amazing prizes. But if I had to pick my fav from Haute mama it would be the jewelry!

  14. Eric

    The gift card would be great so my wife can pick what she likes.

  15. Meredith Cooklis

    The “gyft” is awesome! Love the idea and love that mom can pick out whatever she needs most 🙂

  16. wendy top

    Posh Mommy! I love their stuff!

  17. Lalita Malone

    I would love to be a Posh Mommy with some Posh Mommy jewelry!

  18. Miranda Welle

    All great but it’s hard to go wrong with a gift card for the Glam Mom!

  19. Rocio Hoerz

    I just love anything from PoshMommy. Love her necklaces!

  20. Jennifer

    I absolutely adore Posh Mommy necklaces!

  21. Ktown

    I love the Forever and wee loop with stones and names!

  22. Ivette Aguilar

    I would love the Posh mommy jewelry. I have been wanting the loop with the birthstones and have not been able to get it.

  23. Christie Mondello

    I love love POSH MOMMY jewelry! The bars with birthstones and all the tags!

  24. Fallon

    I would LOVE to get Posh Mom jewelry! I have been trying to decide which necklace to get for quite some time!

  25. Hillary Hilbert

    Posh Mommy Jewelry Love all of there stuff!!!!

  26. Elisha

    The Posh Mommy jewelry! As a first time mom mom of a 10 week old little girl it would be wonderful to wear her name/initial everyday close to my heart where she belongs!

  27. Grandma Karinsue

    The gyft cards would be great. Pick whatever you want.

  28. J. Caraway

    The Helen Moon books would be informative.

  29. Shannon Moore

    Gift card would definitely be best because I never pick the right gift so a gift she can get whatever she likes.

  30. Amanda McGrath

    Definitely the posh mommy necklace! I love beautiful jewelry!

  31. Deb D.

    I would love the Posh Mommy Jewelry.

  32. mari b

    the posh mommy loop necklace!

  33. Stacey D

    I’ve been wanting a necklace from Posh Mommy!

  34. Amber

    I love gift cards and @gyft is an awesome app!

  35. Anna B

    Posh Mommy jewelry! I love everything she makes!!!!

  36. Megan

    Posh jewelry! Would love it!!!!

  37. Jennifer K. C.

    The posh mom gc would be awesome!

  38. Ashlee

    Would love any of the gift cards. Happy Mother’s Day

  39. Amanda

    Love my poshmommy jewelry!

  40. brooke t

    i like the Posh Mommy Jewelry

  41. Sherry Ritzenthaler

    I ADORE PoshMommy!!! I have two necklaces boasting all three of my kids names – and would love a third with the tall tag,or I would gladly gift to my Mom!!

  42. Brandee McGrath

    Love the Necklace!

  43. Edith

    I love Posh Mommy Jewelry! It is absolutely amazing. My daughter actually got me a beautiful necklace for my Birthday! Thanks <3

  44. Zoe Pye

    Gift card would be a lovely gift!

  45. angel c

    I would love a piece of jewelry that I can engrave my baby’s birth-date and that I can wear on a daily basis.

  46. angel c

    want a piece of jewlery that reminds me of my baby boy

  47. Kendra

    Love love love Posh Mommy jewelry!

  48. mari b

    poshmommy gc would be awesome

  49. sandra

    love the Posh Mommy Jewelry

  50. Arlene S.

    Im already a fan of PoshMommy so that is what I love!

  51. Angela Kriz

    Love PM! mommy on one and one on the way this May!!!

  52. Kellie

    I love love love the Posh Mommy jewelry!

  53. kristy k

    The $50 Gyft card would be amazing!!!

  54. Stephanie M.

    I love Posh Mommy!

  55. Megan

    I like the Gyft idea, then she can get just what she needs! 🙂

  56. Soledad Beacco

    my baby is 3 weeks old. this will be my first mothers day with her!!! i love the Posh Mommy jewelry

  57. Michelle

    Posh Mommy Jewelry would be lovely for this blessed mama of a 21 year old son. 🙂 Thank you! ox

  58. Olivia Rubin

    Hope I get picked so,I can be an official “Haute Mama” !

  59. Jacqueline Green

    Love that mommy jewelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Karinsue

    I would like to win the posh mommy jewelry.

  61. James Caraway

    I would really like to win the gyft card app.

  62. Shannon Mel

    Would love the Posh Mommy Jewlery! My mom loves unique jewlery especially with monograms!! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  63. Stef Coupns

    I’m really loving the Posh Mom Jewelry!

  64. Leslie P.

    My favorite is the Gyft card! Then i can Gyft myself or reGyft to someone I love!

  65. Betty Baez

    definitely the posh mommy jewelry i love their monogram necklaces

  66. Amanda

    Posh Mommy Jewelry! What better for mother’s day!

  67. J. Caraway

    The Gyft gift cards would be great!

  68. Grandma-to-be Karinsue

    The posh mom jewelry would be nice!

  69. brooke t

    would love the Posh Mommy Jewelry

  70. Andrea MVPM

    $50 gift cards from Gyft!

  71. Emm

    Definitely Posh Mommy Jewelry! 🙂

  72. Kellie

    LOVE the Posh Mommy Jewelry!

  73. mari b

    any poshmommy jewelry will do 🙂

  74. Amber Hitson

    I love the Glam Mom package!

  75. Kendra

    All awesome prizes! My favorite is the posh mommy jewelry!

  76. Crystal Sheppard

    The Posh Mommy jewelry is great!

  77. Jennifer

    The Posh Mom Jewelry Gift Card would be my favorite!!

  78. christian

    the gyft card will be best i love this website it is ever so awesome god bless you all

  79. jennifer

    the gyft card will be awsome becuase then my mom would like it im a kid and dont have a lot of money to get her a gift so i signed up for many raffles i want my mom to have the best mothers day cause she just lost her job

  80. Olivia Rubin

    The phone consultation would be great

  81. Hanna

    I love the idea of the Gyft app!

  82. Sandy

    PoshMommy jewelry is awesome.

  83. Taylor Emerick

    For the indecisive mom 🙂

  84. Theresa J

    I would love the 50 virtual gift cards

  85. mari b

    poshmommy jewelry gift card is a great way to get what you wan!

  86. Kendra

    Birthstone necklace from posh!

  87. Arlene S.

    I am a fan of PoshMommy’s, I love their jewelry! Thanks for the sweeps, it’s awesome!

  88. Kristina S

    100% the Posh Mom Jewelry!

  89. Theresa J

    I like the virtual gift card

  90. Jill

    I would love the Posh Mommy Jewlery to represent my 2 precious little ones. 🙂

  91. Chelsey B

    I would love to get the $50 virtual gift cards from Gyft for my mom, I love that she would get to go out and pick what she really wants.

  92. Olivia Rubin

    Some nice jewelry at posh mommy


    I like the posh mommy jewelry alot.

  94. J. Caraway

    The Helen Moon books look great!

  95. Natalie S

    Love the gift card for the indecisive mom!

  96. jennifer

    the gyft card will be awsome for my special mom

  97. Arlene S.

    The Poshmommy jewelry is amazing! Love it all!

  98. Samyra

    my favorite is the virtual gift card

  99. Ana Soto

    I absolutely adore the Posh Mommy Jewelry. I’m a first time mommy myself, but that would be the perfect gift to surprise my mom for all her achievements.

  100. Kellie

    The Pish Posh Mommy Jewelry is awesome!

  101. Jessica B.

    Posh Mommy Jewelry would be wonderful to have.

  102. Camille H.

    Indecisive Mom-$50 to Gyft please!!!!!!

  103. Grandma-to-be Karinsue

    I love the posh mom jewelry.

  104. J. Caraway

    the virtual gyft card would be great!

  105. olivia rubin

    Would love to buy some children’s apps with GYFT

  106. Alisha

    I love the Posh Mommy Jewelry!


    I like the posh mommy jewelry.

  108. J. Caraway

    I like the gyft card.

  109. Lisa

    All are great but I love Posh Mommy Jewelry. 🙂

  110. Paul

    My wife would love the Posh Mommy Jewelry GC !

  111. Kristin Elbertson

    I love love love the Posh Mommy Jewelry

  112. brandi jones

    I love the birthstone necklaces !! Posh mommy jewelry!! I would love to win.

  113. domestic diva

    I like the certificate to posh mommy jewelery.

  114. Alisha

    My mother, my daughter, and I all have the same birthstone. I would love to win this to honor all of them. My mother passed away two weeks ago, winning this prize would mean a lot to me.

  115. OO!I cant decide! I love the gift cards, but the posh mama jewelry is so cute too!

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