Brooke Mueller’s Twins Taken Away By Child & Family Services

Denise Richards currently is taking care of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s 4-year-old sons Bob and Max. The twins were removed from Mueller’s care by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services on Thursday night (May 2).

TMZ reports that officials determined Brooke’s home was unsafe because they suspected she was using drugs again. A court hearing has been set for next week to determine where the children should live permanently.

“Brooke is really not in good shape at all,” a source tells Us. “She is not opposed to Denise having the kids — that’s her first choice.”

However Mueller is refusing to go to rehab. A source told Radar Online today, “Brooke is completely in denial about how bad her addiction is to crystal meth. Even after losing Bob and Max, she is still refusing to go back to rehab.”

The insider added, “The only chance Brooke has of even having visitation with the boys is if she is in a treatment program. The longer Brooke goes without getting treatment, the more it hurts her chances of getting the boys back.”

Late last year Mueller was in rehab for the 19th time for her addiction to Adderall.

Already mom to three daughters – Sam, 9, Lola, 7, and Eloise, 22 months – Denise has said she’s always willing to be “there for the boys.”

“They’re our family and they’re Sam and Lola’s brothers and I can’t imagine growing up without my sister, so anytime she needs help, I’m there for the boys. (Sam and Lola] are the best big sisters to [the boys] and they love them.”

A rep for Mueller, 35, tells Us, “We’re not making any comments on this right now.”


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  • klutzy_girl

    Can Denise just gain permanent custody of the boys? She’s obviously the best stable parent in their lives and they should be with her for good.

    And she also continues to remain an amazing person for doing this.

    • AvaElizabeth

      I’m so sad for that poor innocent little boys. That’s so hard.
      Having one parent with so much problems is incredible hard, but having both parents so is horrible.

      I have to say, I never liked Denise much.
      But the last years, when I saw how she took care of the boys and when I hear that she does ist again, I really feel a deep respect for her.
      It is sooooo great what she does for that little boys so that they can stay stable, stay with their sisters, whom they know and where they feel safe.

  • serena

    I think Denise is great to do this but just how in the world can she take care of 5 kids under 10 by herself? It’s too much for anybody.

    • cassey

      I think that her dad helps her out quite a bit. There have been pics of him taking the boys to the library. Which is just so phenomenal.

      It’s great that they can see beyond their own personal feelings and recognize that there are innocent children who need love and attention. Not an easy thing to do.

      • Lia

        She’s got a nanny or two as well 😉

    • Anonymous

      My mother had 6 kids in 7 years (including twins). She managed.

    • Daniella

      Both of my grandmothers had 6 children under 10 years of age with a lot less money and overall stability than Denise. And her father also seems to help her quite a bit, so I doubt she’d have much trouble caring for them all (hiring a nanny is always a possibility, too). Keeping all of the siblings together in a safe environment is the best solution by far in this particular case.

  • Anonymous

    Over the years I have done a complete 180 on Denise. She seems to be a great mom with a big heart wish her and her kids the best of luck.

  • Meliss

    How sad is it that these boys lose their mother and can’t even go to their father because he’s a mess. They end up with their father’s ex! AGAIN! Good grief. Never seen anything like it. These two people need to get it together! Having children is not an experiment to see if you can really hack it as a parent. It’s trial by fire; and if you’re not up for the challenge, invest in some birth control.

    Good on Denise for being so selfless. Hopefully grandpa Irv is able to help with the boys like he did last time.

  • Dana.

    Those poor boys have known very little stability in their young lives. I think Brooke needs to lose custody for an extended period of time. She is a very unfit parent. And where is Charlie? How do two adults both not have what it takes to be proper parents??

  • Robin

    Poor babies. I feel for those innocent boys.

  • musiclover

    I agree that giving Denise permanent custody of these boys would be in their best interest. How many chances are they going to give Brooke? I know that she is their mother, but come on! These boys deserve the love and stability that Denise seems to be able to give them.

  • anonymous

    Nannies or no nannies, that’s still an awful lot for Denise to take on as a single mother. It’s a real shame Charlie can’t be more of a presence. Is Charlie even there very much, or does he just show up for birthdays and Christmas, that kind of thing? Denise will probably look after the boys until once again Brooke gets her act together. Crystal meth? Really? She’s really sunk to about as low as she can get, one step above the gutter.

  • Sandra

    OMG!, again she is getting those kids taken away! How many times has this been now? This woman is totally an unfit parent and should not be taking care of any children. Where the hell is Charlie anyways? Well, not that he is any better than she is but I guess they know he is an unfit father too, so let’s have Denise look after them! She has three children of her own to take care of and then two more! Wow, not many people would even think of doing what she is doing. Both Charlie and Brooke should damn well be ashamed of themselves and should have thought about birth control. I am so saddened for these two boys that have never had a stable upbringing since being born to these two losers! What a shame for these children and they didn’t even ask for this. So sad!

  • she is so hot
    real sex appeal

    id love to spend some ‘quality’ time with her

    charley dont impregnate junk

  • Jenn

    I always find it odd that Charlie’s parents don’ t take the boys in. I guess their age is a factor and Denise is the mother of the boys’ sisters. It’s nice though, to see Denise stepping up and keeping those boys in a stable family.

    • amanda

      I was just thinking that about Brooke’s parents. Where are they in all of this? I was also wondering if Charlie’s oldest daughter has any sort of relationship with them. She is married and has a baby on the way; would she ever be a option. At least they are going somewhere safe and stable.

  • Jennifer

    Bless Denise’s heart for being there for the boys. I really admire her for doing this.

  • May

    It’s absolutely awful that Brooke and Charlie can’t properly care for them full-time, but they’re very lucky to have Denise. If that’s the way they can have stability, it’s for the best, but this should’ve been a wake-up call for Brooke. It saddens me that it isn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie went out of his way to make sure that he had sons and now isn’t even a part of their lives. Charlie was always a loser. He just keeps making all these kids but doesn’t take care of any of them

  • seana

    I feel terrible for these boys, they have gone through so much already in life.
    I do however feel a sense of pride in humanity when I read such stories of kindness, such as Denise taking in these boys whenever needed. I agree that Denise seems like the only stable figure in their life.

  • Julianna

    People like this dont deserve to have children .

  • Tracy

    Thank God they’re not in foster care with strangers.

  • Anon

    I’m still amazed that Charlie Sheen managed to find someone who is just as or even more messed up than he is. Those poor boys, it’s sad their parents can’t make the effort of cleaning up for them. It’s incredible that Denise Richards and her family are willing to take care of her ex’s children.

  • Tamarya

    I think it’s absolutely awesome she would take the boys, she has 3 of her own and now she is taking her ex-husband’s little boys who are her daughters half brother’s I would do the same thing, They are family and those girls love their brothers. She seems like a very strong, positive person and without a doubt she could give them love, stability and a home thats safe. I think she is a wonderful person and it’s great to see someone who genuinely has a good heart as she does. And they may all the under 10 but she can do it, her own children already have consistency and a routine it’s just a matter of bringing the boys in on that.

  • popsykl

    lets hope denise starts eating properly……..not really without issues herself

  • LIMom

    God Bless Denise. She had a big heart and is truly a wonderful woman for stepping in and thinking only of those little boys and not all the drama attached to this.

    She’s truly one of a kind.

  • Anne

    When Brooke got pregnant 4 years ago I said this wasn’t work, by the time people were butchering Denise and thought Brooke and Charlie were the perfect couple. Their decision to have children was very irresponsible, and Brooke had an AI so they could choose the gender and Charlie finally have the sons he longed for, but is unable to take care of.

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