Denise Richards Continues To Care For Twins

Denise Richards to the rescue…again!

The mom-of-three will be lending a helping hand to Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller for the time being. Richards, 42, and ex-husband Sheen, 47, were photographed after an appearance in court in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (May 7) where a judge ruled that she would continue caring for the couple’s 4-year-old twins Max and Bob.

Sheen’s third ex-wife, Mueller, 35, checked herself into rehab on May 3 for “prescription drug abuse,” the same day sons Bob and Max were removed from her home by the L.A. County of Department of Children and Family Services due to an “unsafe environment.”

Rather than staying with Sheen, the twins were place with Richards, who has looked after the boys before.

Sheen, Richards and Bob and Max appeared in court together, where a judge decided to continue the custody arrangement for now, TMZ reports.

Richards – also mom to daughters Sam, 9, and Lola, 7, with Sheen, and adopted daughter Eloise, 22 months – has said she’s “there for the boys” and considers them “family.”

In an earlier statement, Sheen said he “supports the actions of the Department of Children and Family Services” and “he knows Max and Bob are safe in a stable, loving environment with Denise and the boys’ sisters.”

Three cheers for Denise! You are a truly amazing celebrity mom.

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  • klutzy_girl

    Seriously, just please give her permanent custody at this point. It seems like even Charlie believes she should have it! And it’s clear Brooke’s not going to get clean.

    • AvaElizabeth

      My deepest respect for Denise.
      I never liked her before, but I changed my mind sooo much since I saw her first time taking care of the kids. And now she makes it again. Unbelievable great.

      It is so great what she does for the poor little boys. She gives them a stable life together with their sisters instead of coming in foster care to people they don’t know.

      • LaKesha

        Not sure why foster families have to be bashed. For some children foster families are the first loving families they find.

        • Lauren

          No one is bashing foster families. Please don’t make this something it is not. Right now these children are with their half sisters and someone they have known for some time. Why should they be removed and put into foster care where they would know no one and possibly be moved around? Also, how is saying this bashing foster families????

  • arabella

    pretty sad the twins don’t have both bio parents in their lives.

  • arabella

    pretty sad the twins don’t have both bio parents in their lives.

  • May

    Poor kids. It’s so sad that they’re in that situation, but they’re very lucky to have Denise. She seems like a great mother.

  • Missy

    Seriously, Denise is such an amazing person for doing this. Most of people in her place would pity them but don’t do anything.
    Those boys are very lucky to at least have her in their lives.

  • Anon

    Why couldn’t Charlie instead of dress up all nice for court, just get a hold of himself and become a responsible parent, adult, etc. and take care of his own children. Seriously, he’s not in his 30s anymore, there’s no excuse. The boys are lucky that Denise cares about her daughters’ siblings, even though she wasn’t even their step mother.

  • elizabeth

    Why can’t Charlie watch the boys? Isn’t he off drugs? Regardless, Denise Richards just went up 10 notches in my book. Even though she has help, that’s a big task to take on. Pretty amazing woman if you ask me.

    • AvaElizabeth

      I think, charlies life is to unstable to take care of the boys.. also don’t know how good and often his contact to the twins is?

  • musiclover

    I totally agree that this arrangement needs to be made permanent! Denise is an amazing person, and obviously cares about those boys. Poor little guys need the stability in their lives that she gives them. And while I wish Charlie would just get his act together…. at least he seems to realize that Denise is what’s best for those boys.

  • Noinin

    It is sad to say but I think Charlie also wants what’s best for his kids. He knows his limitations, that he is selfish and doesn’t want to cure his drugs and sex addictions, so he leaves them with the most responsible person he knows. I really admire Denise. I just have a question, does anybody know if Brooke eventually hired the boys’ nanny back? Last time she relapsed she fired the nanny who had raised Max and Bob since birth because she called for help; afterwards Charlie tried to make her take her back, not sure if he succeeded or not. I’d be really happy to see she is back with the boys despite all this madness.

  • Kernriver

    Well, who could have guessed that Denise would be the strong adult one of all of them? Good for her. I have enormous respect for her and think she’s gone above and beyond for these two little guys.

    • Anonymous

      Who could have guessed?? Um… EVERYONE?? Since when has Denise Richards NOT been a strong adult?

  • Mimi

    Brooke Mueller should be locked up. No excuse when you have kids for not getting your s*** together when you have been given all of the chances she has.

  • Elle

    So much respect for Denise. Taking on twins when you’ve already got 3 kids is pretty admirable.

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