Jessica Alba: Playtime In NYC

Jessica Alba and her assistant took Haven, 1, and Honor, 4, to the park in New York City on Monday (May 6). Alba got the girls sweet treats and let them run around a playground.

Later that evening the actress dressed up with husband Cash Warren to attend the 2013 Met Gala. She chose a peek-a-boo Tory Burch gown.

Alba has revealed that after she had Haven – she wore a corset to help lose the baby weight.

“I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it.”


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  • Jen

    I remember going to NYC when my oldest was 4 and having to let her use the stroller because she was not used to walking that much all day long. At home she always walked and barely used the stroller after she turned 2. I haven’t seen any pics of Honor in a stroller in a long time (years), so I don’t think it is a big deal that they were walking around NYC and she jumped in the stroller this time.

    • Lala

      I am confused – did someone say something negative about Honor in the stroller? You said, “so I dont think it’s a big deal….” I must be missing something.

      On another note, I am not a fan of the scarves and handkerchiefs (sp?) she wraps around her kids’ necks. She’s trying too hard. They look cute already in their name brand clothes – no need to add that “old-lady” look to a little girl. Plus, it could potentially be dangerous if caught on something while running around through the park. But mostly, it just looks lame.

      • Jen

        Not on this site, but on others people are absolutely bashing her for letting her kid ride in the stroller. I had already read the other one and so when I was writing I was a bit defensive. My bad.

        • Lauren

          Jen, I saw that and I agree with you. I see nothing wrong with a 4 almost 5 year old occassionally riding in a stroller. Example, a day long trip to Disney. Children of this age get tired and some of them can’t walk all day.

          • Vivienne

            Sorry, I see often Honor in a stroller. Sera Affleck or twins SJ Parker walking (3/4 years old) but 5 years old big girl is always “tired”?

  • Anonymous

    Honor’s dress is from GAP. Cute and affordable clothing for kids.

    • cait

      Are you a shareholder???

  • Syn

    Honor is 5 in June.She’s in a stroller as a baby? I saw her pics in stroller ,with Jessica in Paris and actually … .

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