Perez Hilton’s 50/50 Breast Milk Solution

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Like nearly all new parents, Perez Hilton is a huge fan of sharing photos of his baby boy on Facebook. Unlike most in the pubic eye, however, he’s open to interacting with followers.

When one fan commented on the photo of Perez Hilton bottle feeding son Mario seen above, ”Love that you’re using donor milk!!!” he elaborated:

“Half and half. We use donor milk AND formula. Each bottle has 50/50. That way he never runs out of breast milk while we wait for another shipment. We did that for a while and his poor tummy did not like the back and forth!”

Funny, the fairly obvious idea of mixing breast milk and formula never even occurred to me! Add another note to the ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ category.

My boys preferred breast milk straight off the tap, but didn’t seem to show a preference or have any issues switching between pumped milk and formula in a bottle. They’d take it in a bind, but neither was their first choice. I’m impressed to see that Perez Hilton thought of it, or at least had someone on hand to point out the idea to him.

There are, of course, other kinds of comments left on Perez Hilton’s Facebook page, but the man who made his fatherhood dreams come true with the help of a surrogate seems to be taking them in stride. When one person asked, “Who’s your baby mama?” the single father sidestepped the subject by replying simply, “I am!”

Did your little one have trouble going from breast milk to formula, like Perez Hilton’s baby boy?

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  1. Katie C.

    Definitely said “pubic eye” and I’m pretty sure you meant public eye…pretty sure

  2. Dee

    OMG Perez looks hideous!!!

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