Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Bump

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian bumps it up in a bikini during her recent vacation to Greece — and Us Weekly has the photos.

At seven months pregnancy, the reality star proudly bares her burgeoning belly in a series of trendy two-pieces while soaking up the sun on the island of Mykonos, where she and her famous family spent several days last month.

Also spotted on the Grecian getaway: mom Kris Jenner; sisters Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie; Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick; and their two kids, Mason and Penelope.

Rocking a bikini is a bold move for Kim, who has been bullied for her weight ever since announcing in December that she and boyfriend Kanye West expect their first child in July. “I struggle finding things that don’t make me look heavy,” she said.

But, “She’s loving the seventh month,” a source says. “And she thinks pregnancy is so cute.”

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Photo credit: Us Weekly

  • Evolette

    No, I call it photoshop…

    • lianna

      Me too. Her belly looks much bigger in clothes. It is usually the bared belly that looks much rounder and larger.

  • Courtney

    Kim needs to be grateful she didn’t have an actual difficul pregnancy that involved hospitalizations and bed rest. though her doctors did recomend she stop traveling after her so called miscarriage scare in March and she obviously hasn’t listened

    • Lauren

      She did have a difficult pregnancy, including being very sick and in pain, that involved going to the hospital. She spoke about this a few months ago. I watched the interview. I don’t know if her doctor told her to stop traveling because she did not say this in the interview and none of us were present in the office. Many pregnant women travel until the end of pregnancy with no complications. Many pregnant women don’t travel with many complications.

      • DanSy

        Oh yeah, she had those complaints the same time Kate Middleton was rushed to hospital due to morning sickness. 😉

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    I call it photoshop too because she looked bigger a month ago.

  • Mary

    It is her choice of clothing that makes her look larger than she is probably is. Some days she gets it and others she don’t.

  • DJ

    Photoshop… I took the class, so I can spot photoshop work a mile away!

  • Deb

    Does it really matter?! She’s pregnant…as long as she is keeping her baby safe and herself healthy, there is no need to scrutinize every inch she gains or loses/gets photoshopped or lets hang out. She’s a beautiful girl no matter her size and I’m sure she will be a great mom. Give her a break people. Sheesh!

    • Anonymous

      No, I suppose it doesn’t really matter but when she puts herself in a bikini on a magazine cover with the title “You Call This Fat” she is just asking for a conversation like this to ensue. If she doesn’t want people to talk about her weight then she shouldn’t be putting everything out there the way she does. She brings all of this on herself.

      • Lauren

        She didn’t put herself on a magazine in a biking with the title “You Call This Fat.” She is walking on the beach and the paps took a picture of her and the magazine put her on the cover and they put the title. She isn’t doing any of this. Do you really think she wants to be called fat weekly? No one does pregnant or not?

        • Anonymous

          If I made $60M for doing…. (well, whatever it is she does), you could call me anything you wanted on the front of a magazine. I’d still be smiling all the way to the bank.

        • Anonymous

          She is interviewed in the magazine! They didn’t just paste her photo on there and publish it. That woman okays all of these things. She wants to sound like the poor little victim but she’s not. If you don’t want to be called fat then drop the subject! Showing off a an obviously photoshopped image of yourself flaunting your stuff in a bikini is just adding fuel to the fire.

        • dionne

          High five girlfriend!!!!!!

  • Lauri

    She looks good, I feel like this cover is unnecessary but she’s been getting a lot of flack so this may be her way of saying yes I’m pregnant but i look and feel good. More power to her because I’m not pregnant and I still don’t feel comfortable in a bikini.

  • Hope

    Look, Kim is NOT fat! She is far from it & calling her fat is an insult to people who are fat. Yes, she has curves BUT she embraces them and she feels comfortable with who she is and that’s the important part. I have heard different things, but if she did get butt implants then it definitely shows. Honestly her butt makes her look bigger than she actually is & to me it doesn’t look proportional with her body. Either way, she’s beautiful and the fact that she is carrying a child who is SO MUCH more important than her outside appearance. I don’t understand why she is criticized so much, especially for things that aren’t even true.

  • Kim looks absolutely gorgeous here! I’m no Kardashian defender in ANY sense, but I firmly believe that the maternal changes to her body are not fully within her control and other women-particularly all the other, mean moms-really need to leave her alone. Besides, as this picture clearly indicates, it would seem that her body is fine but it is actually some of her bizarre super unflattering fashion choices that are the problem…

  • Mimi

    Where is the photo of her ass? That is where she is really hurting with the weight.

  • Jessica

    In all honesty she doesn’t even look pregnant. She looks just overweight in a bikini. Her bump doesn’t bump out like most. But could be the angle. Idk. Weird. I know she is I’m just saying the pic doesn’t seem like it. Therefore I do call it “fat” not really a Oregon cutsie body at all.

    • Jessica

      No idea why my phone put Oregon in the middle of my sentence ha!

    • Annie

      Some women’s bumps stick out, and some are “flatter”. Hillary Duff had one of the latter, too. That’s just the way it is.

      • Jessica

        Eh I beg to differ. I’ve seen some over weight women who were pregnant and by the 3rd trimester their bump popped out pretty darn good.

      • Anonymous

        Why would Kim’s bump protrude majorly in clothing but conveniently stay flat when she’s baring it in a bikini?

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