Holly Madison: How I Lost 30 Pounds Six Weeks After Giving Birth

Holly Madison has revealed how she lost 30 pounds of baby weight in six weeks after giving birth to her daughter Rainbow Aurora on March 5.

The 5-foot-4 former Girls Next Door star exclusively tells Life & Style she peaked at 150 pounds during her pregnancy. Now she eats healthy – even though there were days she craved fast food.

Madison shares,  “Not that I didn’t have cheat days or stop for Taco Bell driving home from the doctor. But I started paying attention to my eating habits because my baby’s health was now dependent on it.”

In her April 18 interview Madison explains because doctors recommend waiting six weeks to exercise after giving birth – she has mainly relied on a 1,000- to 1,100-calorie diet for her slimdown. The 33-year-old mom is on a portion-controlled meal plan and receives food deliveries from eDiets. Holly also drinks a daily green smoothie.

“I hope to lose the rest of the weight in another month,” she tells Life & Style, of her “ideal weight [of] 110 pounds.”

Madison adds that fiancé Pasquale Rotella isn’t pressuring her to lose weight. She declares, “He doesn’t care if I lose the weight. It was just a goal I set for myself.”


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Photo credit: Life & Style

  • Courtney

    correction needed Holly is 5ft 7in not 5ft 4in so she was considered underweight when she became pregnant so she gained right in the range of weight she was supposed to. 17.5% of the weight she gained was her baby the rest was fat muscle tissue and water. besides she’s breastfeeding so was gonna lose the weight faster as it’s her first child and she’s below 35

    • DJ

      You sure do keep up with the Holly-Facts! 😉

  • Lizzie

    You usually hear of eating 1200 or 1300 to 1500 calories a day (men might be 1500) 1000 to 1100 doesn’t sound very healthy :S (i could definitely be wrong, I’m just going by usually hearing 1200 as being healthy)

    • Robin

      And didn’t Holly say she was breastfeeding? Women need about 1800-2200 calories a day to maintain an adequate milk supply for baby.

  • K M

    Under 1200 is generally considered risky and has to be closely monitored – which perhaps her meals are.

    However… I don’t buy the numbers. I just don’t. I’ve weighed 140 and I’ve weighed 119 and Holly and I are the same height. She looks heavier NOW than I did at 140, I currently weigh 120 with 18% body fat and there is just NO WAY that she is at 120 now. No way. None.

    I don’t care what she weighs, and she doesn’t have to make her numbers public… but if you’re going to STATE that you weigh something, be honest about it. It only messes with peoples’ heads that women lie so much. This is why at 120 most people think I’m closer to 110.

    • PaminPA

      I could never accurately guess how much any adult woman weighs. Some women who look heavier are lighter, and vice versa. Who cares?

  • Meliss

    I lost 35 lbs in six weeks after I delivered. It’s called nursing a baby and not being able to eat like you normally would cuz you have a baby attached to you. Although I was a little chubbo when I got pregnant to begin with so the weight I lost took me to a normal place. Now, sadly, I’m back to a chunky place. But yeah, that nursing weight loss plan was nice!

  • SiervaMaria

    I guess I’m not understanding the rush. Is she unable to breastfeed? If she can, it’s the most natural and quickest route back into your pre-pregnancy clothes along with sensible eating. If she can’t nurse for some reason, it’s still about eating healthy and her caloric intake is way to low. Walking and light exercise until the Doc’s ok for strenuous workouts + a 1500-1700 calories should be the aim for her.

  • missme?

    yikes that first pictures is not doing her any favors wit the saggy skin hagin over her sides.

  • DListed

    Omg. They need to cast her as Chrissy Snow in a remake film version of Three’s Company. The 2nd picture!!

  • Louise

    well missme? have you had a baby? of course her skin is like that she just carried a baby for 9 months and it take time to get everything back to where it was I think your comment is insensitive and really feeds into the public perception that people bounce back into shape after having a baby I would rather see a realistic photo of Holly looking natural than another airbrushed, photoshopped version of another celeb who claims all the weight just fell of them it is bloody hard to lose the weight – i think she looks great and should be appauled for letting this photo be shown! good on her

    • Ellen

      I too think she looks good. Actually I believe that she just didn’t have a well fitting top on. In the second picture she looks spot on.

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