Adam Sandler & His Lil’ Dinner Date

Adam Sandler and Sunny were seen strolling together in Pacific Palisades, Calif. on Saturday (May 4). The pair had eaten dinner at a restaurant in the area. Sadie, 6, wasn’t with them.

The Grownups 2 star wore the usual big t-shirt and baggy shorts look for the outing. Sunny wore a Minnie Mouse shirt underneath her multi-colored tank dress.

The actor is going to be reuniting with Drew Barrymore again for the romantic comedy Blended. The two last starred together in 2004’s 50 First Dates.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Lolo

    Thanks for deleting my comment CBS. Can’t take any constructive criticism?

  • missme?

    I’m gna guess what you said wsn’t exactly complimentary re: the sandler girl{s}?

    • Lolo

      No, actually it was a comment about how the writers on this site always feel the need to describe what the celebrity is wearing or what the weather is outside. We can plainly see their clothes and if it’s sunny or not. I wasn’t harsh or rude, just said it was annoying.

      • Anonymous

        They do that to get the wordcount up. It helps with google ratings.

  • Anonymous

    Does Adam own anything other than gym shorts and t shirts?

    • Anonymous

      Of course he does. He also owns several pair of ugly baggy pants that also look as they haven’t been laundered in this decade. Why oh why does he ALWAYS go around looking so unkempt?! He’s a multi millionaire! Surely he can aford a few pairs of Levi’s, some polo’s and a button down or two.

      • Solène

        What if he likes his outfits laid-back? He’s not shallow and all about fashion, good for him! I bet he’s an awesome husband and dad!

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