Tori Spelling: Finn Popped Out His First Tooth

Tori Spelling has shared the latest milestone of 8-month-old Finn.

She recently blogged, “When you have four babes that are six and under, it seems like someone is reaching a new milestone every week. Our latest McDermott milestone belongs to Finn. My little Finn man officially popped out his first tooth last week! It’s still barely peeking out from his gummy smile, but sure enough there’s a little pearly white in his mouth. And in true foodie fashion, he’s already chowing down (well, gumming the juice) on steak with the rest of the crew…”

Not to eliminate her other children – her latest Instagram photo is of Liam, 6, who does a ‘Charlie’s Angels’ move. You can see Tori and Stella, 4, in the background mirror!

She wrote on April 24: “Tori’s Angel… #MoveOverJacklynSmith #ToddlerHomage #Charlie’sAngels #1970s”

Spelling – a busy mom to four – keeps fit with the family. Last month she told US Weekly, “We all need to get out our aggression”, adding that the family work out together at Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA Gym in Westlake Village, Calif.

“The kids take classes, the babies play on the mat and Dean and I do an adult training session. [They] love to see me pound at Dean. My gloves are pink, of course!”

She continued, “I am in awe [of my body]. I think, Wow, I made four human beings. I feel like I can do anything at this point. I praise my body every day, I am so grateful for it.”

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  • Jessica

    Eek how old is he? Red meat so young? Even baby jar foods don’t have red meat. My 10 month old eats everything I eat basically except for the red meat (and of course allergen foods).
    Idk I just assumed red meat wasn’t for infants.

  • Deewillis

    Red meat for such a young baby. I worry about him getting off a piece and chocking.

  • A

    Is there something wrong with his eyes?

  • Gemi

    Is he the only one of her children with brown eyes? I know Liam and Hattie have blue eyes, are Hattie’s brown or blue? I think he looks a lot like Stella.

  • anonymous

    I thought the same thing about his eyes. I saw another picture of him and I thought he looked like there may be something wrong with him. I hope I am wrong.

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