Tori Spelling: Luncheon With Her Four Kids

Busy mama Tori Spelling was photographed with all four of her children – Liam, 6, Stella, 4, Hattie, 1, and Finn, 8 months – at The Helping Hand Of Los Angeles Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (May 10).

“Amazing day!” Tori tweeted after the event. “Received The Mother of the Year Award by Cedar Sinai&The Helping Hand of LA at BH Hotel.”

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being grateful this Mother’s Day.

“For me, Mother’s Day means four amazing miracles,” Tori shared. “I have a lot to celebrate this Mother’s Day…an amazing, complete family. So, I am really, really blessed. I don’t know what we’re planning.”

Tori’s husband Dean McDermott went on to share an example of their typical Mother’s Day celebrations.

“We usually plan brunch,” Dean said. “But, with four rug rats, maybe I’ll whip up brunch for us. Mother’s Day is all about honoring moms. I’m blessed that the mom we have gave me four, beautiful little babies. And, it’s her day, so try and spoil her.”

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  • HDP

    Bringing that many kids out is a tough job, I’m about to have my 3rd, and with a 5yr old and a 2yr old I’m already a bit worried about trips out.
    Despite the grumpy older two (my 5 yr old can be a grumpy pants while out too) she seems to have them all under control – which is not easy! Well done to her.

    • Jessica

      I wouldn’t be so amazed… She has nannies with her! They are just waiting for her behind scenes and not in the picture posing area.

      • Deewillis

        Yes nannies we’re their two! Not photographed.

        • popsykl

          were there too *wink wink*

      • Erin

        So what if she has nannies?! A lot of people have nannies, personally I have a friend with one child who works part time who has a nanny… every family is different. If I had four kids I would be finding myself a nanny as well. Just because you have a nanny doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good mother.

        • Jessica

          Uh i dont see anywhere in my post above that i had an issue with her having nannies. I was simply telling the poster above me that was so amazed she could handle them all like that as she is soon going to be taking 3 out and about, i was telling her that tori was not alone and for her not to be so amazed because the picture makes it seem like she took her brood out alone. She didnt. Is there anything wrong with that.. Not really. But dont put words in my mouth, never said she wasnt a good mother due to her having nannies.

    • Deewillis

      Two nannies were there but not photgraphed. She is no supermom. Live in nanny patsy and two others on salary.

  • Mary

    Tori looks fantastic, love her dress. Her children are just so beautiful!!! She is a great mother, very involved with her kids and always doing crafts and stuff with them, love her!

    • Anonymous

      She does NOT look fantastic, and I wish people would stop fawning over this mess of a woman. Her hair is bleached to within an inch of it’s life, her face has been modified to resemble a Madame Puppet, her makeup is too dark and painted on, and she’s bordering on being too thin….. again. Ugh.

  • Hope

    Little Hattie is just so cute! And Finn is so handsome. The older two are also super cute 🙂 Love that family! Although, I don’t really see Tori in any of her children. They all have their own look.

    • Anonymous

      perhaps that is because Tori’s “own” look, isn’t her own look. regardless, she seems like a great mom, and the kids are pretty cute.

  • Rose

    She got a Mother of the Year award. Really? They should have handed the award to her three nannies – especially the one who gets up in the middle of the night with Finn.

  • anonymous

    Those kids are all gorgeous. Lovely family.

  • maryf

    The kids don’t look like they want to be in front of the cameras, I expect they are sick of always being filmed. Not a normal life for kids.

    • Anonymous

      I agree the kids look over being mommy’s props. If she wanted go to this event she could have left the kids at home and went solo.

      • Ellen

        The kids may have been invited?

  • SMH

    Yes, Liam and Stella don’t look thrilled. But I’ve seen her shows and I find them to be on the bratty side esp Liam so perhaps they’re just moody.

    Hattie is looking more like Stella but that Finn seems to have taken a look all of his own. Cutie!

  • Kristina

    Hattie and Finn look like twins! 😀

  • popsykl

    cute kids!!!!…..they look so happy to be there…….not

  • laura

    Tori often makes questionable choices about putting her children in the limelight, but I have to admit that when they’re all together they look so lovely and happy! It’s nice to see them all together.
    Hattie is the prettiest!

  • Geena

    I do have to say, she is one homely looking woman! Really she is. What any man would see in her looks is beyond me, but then again Dean isn’t anything to look at either, so they both belong together.

  • Jessica

    LOL looks like Toris friends went on a thumbs down rampage on the comment section.

  • Gladys

    Tori is fantabulous! Her children are gorgeous! She is so awesome….

  • kamila

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having a nanny.

  • anonymous

    The kids never look happy in these photo ops. They did act bratty on the show, thank God her shows have been discontinued! She should enjoy her family in private and respect her children’s privacy as well.

  • Tiffany

    LoL, nothing wrong with having A nanny. But 2 or 3? I had 4 kids in 6 years and managed to take care of all of my children just fine. Money sure makes your life easier. Mother of the Year, what a laugh.

  • Kate

    I am sickened to my stomach that any woman who is a home-wrecker, treated her own mother so disgracefully (and father), has several nannies, more money than most mothers would ever even dream of, and is advocating the most extreme unhealthy and unrealistic “post-baby body” hollywood starvation ritual, could possibly even be thought of as “mother of the year” award! It is bizarre!!! She is a dead-set weirdo who manages to flutter her eyelashes and wear pretty clothes and pretend she’s a nice person. I can’t believe how her fans buy it!

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