Sarah Chalke Gets Personal On Son’s Kawasaki Disease

Sarah Chalke has her spirits up high with a son who was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease a year ago. Promoting her ABC show How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) earlier this month – which unfortunately has just been cancelled – she revealed the last film that made her cry.

The mom to 3-year-old Charlie revealed to People recently, “Toy Story 3. At the end when all the characters are together. You don’t expect it to get you, and then bam! My son [Charlie, 3] was like, “What’s going on?” Oh, it’s just allergies.”

Chalke explained Kawasaki disease – a rare and sometimes fatal autoimmune illness – to the magazine in March.

“It’s a very visual disease. It’s a high fever, and then everything because of inflammation goes red. So it’s red, bloodshot eyes, red lips, red rash and red hands and feet, and then the last telltale sign is the skin on the fingers peels back. It was absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, and there’s nothing in the world like not knowing if your kid is going to be OK.”

Wanting to teach the subject on-air – she decided to play a mom dealing with the disease in an episode on Grey’s Anatomy. 

The actress shared, “As an actor, you’re usually like, ‘Will I be able to cry when I’m supposed to cry?’ But this is more like, ‘Will I be able to stop crying when I have to stop crying?’ I didn’t know what that experience was going to be like, to hold a baby that was made up to look like [now 3-year-old] Charlie did at that time.”

However filming the episode was “a really good experience” and added “the Kawasaki doctor we dealt with said they do a news story every year, and often that saves lives. She said that this [Grey’s Anatomy] episode absolutely is going to save lives. It’s going to save some kids.”

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  • Cami

    Hmmm…if i remember well, it was her who promoted vaccination in that very convinced manner, letting it almost appear as THE panacea of the 20th century. I wonder whether meanwhile she has experienced doubt abut this in some form….

    • cat

      Vaccination has nothing to do with kawasaki disease

      • ginie

        How do you know? Vaccination has to do with a lot of autoimmune issues among other things. It´s just not officially confirmed yet.

        • Leah

          Oh ok, let’s blame vaccinations on every disease child related. Seriously, know your stuff before making a silly comment like that.

          • ginie

            Actually there are a lot of investigations that prove the relation between vaccionation and widespread diseases. If you want to keep on ignoring them, it´s up to you i guess. Here is one on the relation between Kawasaki Disease and vaccionation by the way:

    • Jonna Robinson

      Vaccinations have absolutely nothing to do with Kawasaki Disease my son was diagnosed with it March 31st of last year. Yes it is extremely scary to watch you child go through a disease that completely makes them look so different than what you expect to see when looking at your child. My son had a very bad case he was in the hospital for 8 days and was diagnosed with it on his 6th day of having it. In talking to the many nurses that we saw while we were there we found out that my son was only the second child in 11 months to have it. The little boy that was admitted before my son was a child whose parents didn’t believe in vaccinations. So it happens with or without vaccinations. Don’t make a comment without knowing the facts to back it up.

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Agreed. There is no connection between vaccinations and that disease.

  • Missy

    I can’t stand the anti-vaccination thing. Even if it’s proved – which it’s not – that it might turn into something wrong in rare cases, how many diseases have been prevented by them in the past century?! How many more lives would have been lost if vaccination did not exist?

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