Giveaway: $200 Prize Package To MAM

MAM‘s mission is to combine the best in technological innovation, medically sound function and contemporary design to help give babies the best start in life. Founded in Vienna, Austria in 1976, MAM is a leader in providing families with innovative baby care products essential for a child’s early years.

A trusted brand for over 25 years, MAM is sold in over 30 countries and five continents. For more information about MAM products, please visit

We are giving away a $200 prize package of MAM products, including MAM Anti-Colic Bottles, orthodontic pacifiers, functional teethers and oral care items.

One Easy Way to Enter:

Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite item at MAM in the comments. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, May 17 at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to US residents only! Good luck!
*contest rules*
Congratulations to the winner of our Ingrid & Isabel giveaway: Eric!

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  1. Kellie

    I love the training cups !

  2. Tina T

    My kids have always used and loved your pacifiers! I have a new baby on the way and would love to try the anti-colic bottles! Thank you!

  3. Shannon

    Their personalized pacifiers are the cutest!

  4. Miranda M.

    I have always loved all their paci clips

  5. Bunny

    Our grandson, “Sweet Baby Wilson” loves MAM pacifiers!

  6. Jessica B.

    I like the MAM Start pacifiers for newborns.

  7. Erica wrightst

    I LOVE the pacifiers!

  8. We could not live without MAM pacifiers in this house! It’s the only pacis my daughter would take from birth, and they have grown with her since! I love the cute prints they come in too!

  9. Deb D.

    I love the spill proof trainer cups.

  10. Holly

    We love MAM products! Our newborn loves his MAM pacifiers.

  11. Bernadette N

    I’m a fan of the pacis!

  12. Kristl Myers

    I love the anti-colic bottles..

  13. Amy

    How do you choose just one product to like – I have so many favorites!!!

  14. Amanda H

    love the glow in the dark pacifiers!!

  15. Summer

    Can’t live without the pacifiers especially the ones that glow in the dark.

  16. I like the MAM training cups!
    Amie Olson

  17. Melissa

    I love the glow in the dark pacifiers. Used them with my last baby and will use them again with the new baby.

  18. Melody

    I love MAM pacifiers! They’re so cute and I like that they don’t have a handle for my kids to yank on!

  19. Becky

    Both my kids use the pacifiers and bottles.

  20. I like the MAM Anti-Colic Bottles. Thank You!

  21. Christine Lopez

    I love the trainer cups and the mam bottles. The best!!!

  22. Christine Martin

    The MAM paci’s are my favorite they are the only kind my baby will take!

  23. Rachel Kelly

    My baby girl loves the the pacifiers.

  24. Nicole Tinari

    We love all the mam products but our favorite is the pacifiers, all 4 of our kids loved them!

  25. Jennifer

    I love everything MAM. i breastfed and because of MAM my family was able to feed bottles without confusion. we also love the binkies

  26. greta andersson

    Love your products.

  27. Jacquelyn Reynolds

    My first 3 los loved the MAM pacis prego with #7 and would love this package deal

  28. sarah sinkus

    Mam pacifiers were a god send

  29. Misty Pierce

    My 4 month old daughter and I love the pacifiers. We just got an anti-colic bottle and love it also.

  30. Tracy Mound

    Their pacifiers are always the best!

  31. crystal Sullivan

    I Love The MAm Pacifiers

  32. Jessica Ohlde

    I like the cute pacifiers and clips! I would love to try the cups!

  33. Deidre Spaeth

    My grandsons, Connor & Korbin, like MAM products, cups, pacifiers etc. Makes things alot easier and a lot nicer then when my kids were babies!!

  34. Joline Class

    I love the pacifiers! There are so many cute ones, and I love that they can be personalized!

  35. My little girl loves the mam pacifiers and bottles.. She can’t sleep without the pacifiers 🙂

  36. deana lamm

    their pacis and paci clips i love

  37. Trish Kelly

    I love the MAM pacifiers and clips. My son is just starting the sippy cups so I look forward to trying those too.

  38. Katie

    The MAM pacifiers are my favorite. With so many cute designs and the option to get personalized ones they’re perfect!

  39. Sandra T

    Love the tooth brushes!

  40. amy white

    Mam is our favorite. We love the designs

  41. Crystal

    I love their spill proof bottles.

  42. Missy Stott

    I like the pacifiers too

  43. Leah Sullivan

    I LOVE the MAM pacifiers (or as my family calls them binkies) and I know my baby will love them when she meets the world in October!

  44. Mieke Hunting

    The binkies, of course! Mam has the best pacifers!

  45. dawn boles

    I *LOVE* the mam airs!!! <3

  46. Andrea

    I love their pacifiers and clips!

  47. Courtni Darpino

    We love the MAM bottles!!! After trying several different brands they are the only ones our baby can successfully drink out of! She had latching issues so we felt blessed to find something that worked!

  48. Angela Bellamy

    I have to pick just one? I’d have to say the pacifiers since all 3 of my kids used them. I wish they had the sippy cups around here, but I can’t find them. My daughter loves her MAM teether and the only bottles she’d take at first were the MAM bottles.

  49. Megan

    We love the MAM pacifiers & the anti-colic bottles!

  50. alicia dixon

    Love the pacifiers

  51. shauna preston

    My daughter loves the Pacifiers and she is one on Tuesday ! We do not waste money on any other brand as she will spit it clear across the room ;O )

  52. renea mcallister

    the pacifiers are great but looking forward to trying the teethers for my grandsons

  53. Kendal Z

    I could not survive without MAM teethers. They are the best!!!

  54. Evelyn Maldonado

    love the pacifiers and bottles!!

  55. Summer Rispens

    My daughter loves the MAM pacifiers she almost ready for the next size! Love the MAM clips! Can’t wait to try the MAM sippy cups when she’s a little bigger!

  56. Shannon C

    We LOVE the pacifiers and bottles! Thanks!!

  57. Diana Robinson

    I swear by mam I’m a mom of 5 kids and a baby on the way u bet ur bottom it’s mam for my babies

  58. jennifer huff

    I only have mam bottles. They work great and i think ill use mam for everyrhing now

  59. Kelly D.

    We love the anti colic bottles and the soft edge pacis!

  60. Jamie K.

    The MAM pacifiers are our favorite. We can’t go anywhere without one!

  61. elizabeth miller

    I love the anti colic bottles–after having one child that had horrible colic..they were a blessing with the next

  62. Jessica Hutchison

    I love MAMs pacifiers! they have such cute and unique designs!

  63. Randi

    I love their cute bottles!!

  64. leeanna

    pacifiers all the way.. we used to used avent but daughter hated it.. tried a MAM pacy and havent been able to get it from her mouth…

  65. Ashley Vanscoy

    love the training cups

  66. scarlett moeckel

    The spill-proof cups!!

  67. Robinn Graves

    I love the variety of pacifier designs as well as the options of colors and now teethers! Thanks for giving us an oppurtinity to win your products.

  68. Megan

    I love the Air pacifiers, & so does my daughter.

  69. Jessi Wooten

    We love you pacifiers:)

  70. Michele

    My little Aubrey (2 months old) loves your anti-colic bottles!! 🙂

  71. Jean Ann Maguire

    I used their bottles for my son. They were terrific and easy to clean. It was one of the first BPA free bottles available.

  72. Michele

    My little Aubrey (2months old) loves your anti- colic bottles!

  73. Tiphane Muzzy

    Best product ever, saved my daughter! She had colic so bad she was miserable all the time. The first time using these bottles was the first time she went to bed without crying her self to sleep. She really had no problems since and wont take any other bottle. I love these and recommend them to EVERYONE!

  74. Alexandra O.

    I love the training brushes. We have a couple for my little one.

  75. LeeAnn Keene

    I love the paci and sippie cups

  76. Rob

    I could definitely use some new sippies for our Boos. She has almost chewed all of her ones to pieces.

  77. angela Davis

    My Mali loves your binkies

  78. Alexandra Pitcher

    Mam pacifier clips!

  79. Beverly

    MAM pacifiers are simply the best!

  80. Jennifer Reed

    The pacifiers! MAM pacis are the only ones he’ll use! He loves to pop two in his mouth and for me to yell, “look at the paci monster!!” 🙂

  81. Caitlin Laing

    I love their bottles, tooth brushes, and cups

  82. Marissa

    My 3 week old will only take the MAM pacifiers out of the 10 others we tried!!

  83. krystal soukup

    Mam anti colic bottles .. we switched to mam after my first daughter was diagnosed with hiatal hernia gastritis and acid reflux… wouldn’t think of using anything else of baby #2 due in october!

  84. Shauna Seiler

    I love the MAM Anti-Colic bottles! I was suffering from extreme anxiety because I was going back to work and my breast fed baby kept refusing a bottle! I tried 6 different kinds before buying the MAM bottles and he took to them right away! He’s doing great now and still loves his MAM bottles!

  85. Marlinea

    The mam girl paci’s 6 months +. Used with all 3 children. Been a mam user since the 1st child 20 years ago and now with the new 6 month old baby now. The best. Also the teethers which was not available 20 years back

  86. Rittnsy

    We LOVE the pacifiers. Both my boys called them bop-bops! And couldn’t lie without t!

  87. kristin munoz

    I love the pacifiers

  88. erika ski

    I love all MAM products! the teethers, the pacis, and especially the bottles

  89. HappyMomC

    Mam pacifiers and their clips!

  90. Pam Cullen

    All of my babies have loved your pacifiers and we are planning on buying more for the one on the way. 🙂

  91. Amber Coshatt

    Love the anti colic bottles and the pacifiers!

  92. Brandi

    My 10 month old baby girl Alyssa loves the pacifiers. We would love to try the sippy cups also.

  93. martha

    I love the personalized pacifiers!

  94. Melissa D

    We really love the MAM pacifiers for my son. I am excited to try the cups, which I’ve heard so much about, with our daughter next!

  95. Elizabeth Dukes

    We love mam pacifiers!!!

  96. Brittney Baker

    I love the glow in the dark pacifiers 🙂

  97. Yvette Vizcarrondo - Souchet

    We’ve been using MAM products since 2001! Proud users of the MAM bottles since 2006 with much excitement in using them again with our baby due july 1, 2013.

  98. Jaimie Fletchall

    LOVE the night time binkies. The glow in the dark is genius!

  99. Raylene Colyer

    I love mam pacifier clips and sippy cups

  100. Christine Nelson

    My babies love the pacifiers!

  101. Ashley Jones

    We love the pacifiers!!

  102. Katelynn

    Mam’s pacifiers are the only ones my little guy will take!! We love them 🙂

  103. Katie

    I love the pacifiers and Anti-Colic bottles!

  104. Natalie Deych

    I love the perfect start pacifiers! My baby wouldn’t take anything else!

  105. michelle mccarville

    Mam NIGHT Glow in the dark binkies, of course!

  106. Jennifer

    We love the pacifiers! That’s all that was sold in retail in my area when I had my first baby. I am looking forward to trying the other items that are now available to me!

  107. Shayna Dimmick

    The training cups are amazing! Love the cap, and they’re the only kiddie cups we’ve found that DON’T LEAK!!!

  108. Millie Berry

    Pacifiers have been my sanity saver!

  109. Amanda G

    We only use MAM pacifiers at our house. The night time ones, teething ones, air, etc. its all our little guy will use!

  110. Beth Doyle

    We like the pacifiers!

  111. Tiffany Moye

    My son loves his mam pacifiers and anti-colic bottles.

  112. Nicole

    MAM pacifiers. My new baby loves them 🙂

  113. Brooke porch

    We use the pacifiers and bottles. My son loves both and I love the designs on them

  114. Angela

    Love the cute pacifiers!

  115. Jaime Reyes

    I love the training bottles!

  116. Courtney Edwards

    I have heard nothing but positive things about these products!!! I would love to try them for my self!

  117. Regina

    Training cups and pacis!

  118. crisa

    My son loves both the bottles and pacis I would like to really win this for him

  119. Angella Auger

    O how I could use this and love it to win, expecting in Sep. 🙂 Love mam pacifier’s….

  120. Miranda Shear

    I love their anti-colic bottles…they are the best I have found out there and I have tried a zillion different ones!!!

  121. Janice Miller

    Mam pacifiers are the best!

  122. nathalie

    I like the MAM training cups!

  123. kathryn

    I love Mam!! thanks for the oportunity!

  124. Joanna

    There are too many favorites to list but if I had to pick one I would say the personalized pacifiers.

  125. Janie M

    Both my boys have loved their MAM binkies. Pretty sure #3 will also. 🙂

  126. Anika

    Wr love mam pacifiers and bottles

  127. Sara Floyd

    I like the teethers!

  128. Lisa

    I love the anti colic self sanitizing bottles but also have mam pacifiers, pacifier clips, teethers and the finger brush

  129. Liz Baker

    My grandchildren just love the paci’s and the clips!

  130. Kristen L.

    My son LOVES MAM Pacifiers and Anti-Colic bottles! I would love to try the MAM First Brush!

  131. Rochel S.

    I LOVE their Glow in the Dark pacis! Its so easy to find at night!

  132. Brittany Rutherford

    I absolutely love all MAM Products!

  133. Dana

    I love the packs and the training cup!

  134. Wendy Borstein

    I love the pacifiers and pacifier clips!

  135. Samantha

    I love the mam pacifiers!!

  136. Kat S,

    I love the sippy cups and pacifier clips

  137. renee h

    Teethers would come in handy right now!!

  138. Hannah K

    Love the pacifiers…Would also love to try the sippy cups…

  139. ruth mcmasters

    we love the bottles and the binks.

  140. Melissa Kruziki

    Their teethers are awesome! My daughter loves them…

  141. Olivia Rubin

    The MAM start for my newborn niece due in October

  142. Crystal G.

    I absolutely LOVE MAM’s Anti-Colic Bottles, Paci’s and Teethers. My daughter refused every other Paci until we found MAM. Also, would love to try the training toothbrush. Genius Idea about the design of it. Keep the great products coming and this MAM Mommy will be very happy!
    Crystal G.

  143. Amber

    We love the pacifiers. My son is 6 months now and we have bought every brand of pacifier there is and he will only take the mam ones.

  144. Brooke

    Baby Tessa loves her MAM paci’s and teethers!

  145. samantha houck

    My little girl uses the pacifiers, and she loves them, also we use the pacifier clips. Thanks for making a great product MAM.

  146. Leanna Greer

    I love the pacifiers, but you really like to try all of the other MAM products available.

  147. Heather Davidson

    I have nothing and need it all including the pacifier clips.

  148. Corye D

    I haven’t tried your products yet but look forward to trying them when my little buddle of joy arrives in Sept!

  149. PJ Bateman

    Love the thin stem paci’s (can’t think of the actual name) and baby girl loves her Mam toothbrush!

  150. B

    pacifiers are my favorite type!

  151. Patricia

    My daughter loves the training cups and pacifiers! She won’t use any other kind.

  152. Victoria

    My son loves the sippy cups and the big MAM pacis…. They are the ONLY pacifier he will take.

  153. Aleana Wirtanen

    ive got twins- they love their pacifiers

  154. Casey Clark

    My daughter absolutely loved the pacifiers and bottles!!! I will be using only MAM products with my little boy due in August 🙂

  155. Dani

    I love the pacifiers! Especially the rock n roll ones! My baby won’t use any others!

  156. Heather Cansler

    I love all of the pacis! So many cute designs in every size!

  157. Trish Flower

    the mam 6+ open paci.

  158. Tiffany Phelps

    I love mam bottles! So easy to clean them and my daughter loves them. Shes only 2 weeks and she already trys holding them by herself. She doesn’t have a single problem with them. They never leak for me and are easy to put together in the middle of the night!

  159. Shannon Berry

    We LOVE MAM binkies! We can’t go a day without them!

  160. Shannon Berry

    We love MAM binkies and can’t make it through a day without them!

  161. Emily Wallace

    I love the shape of the nipples! MAM bran bottles were the only bottles that my son could use when he was a baby. All the other bottles were hard for him to latch onto properly which led to most of the milk just dripping out of the side of his mouth. So MAM was a total life saver and I will be using it for my next child, due June 15th 2013 (almost a month away)!!!!

  162. Hope Nichols

    adore the pacifiers! all of them!

  163. melanie davis

    I absoluteLy Love The Pacifiers.

  164. nici r

    I like their anti colic bottles

  165. Melissa

    Both of my children loved MAM pacis and I am guessing the third one due in 3 weeks will love them as well! Especially excited about the glow-in-the-dark ones!

  166. Lacey Finley

    We love the MAM Pacifiers!! We have over 30 😉

  167. Lauren Kutzler

    As a new mom, I did a lot of research prior to making any purchases for my baby girl. I chose MAM do to their commitment of furthering research and in working with doctors and scientists in order to create both innovative and safe products.
    We haven’t tried bottles yet, but my 7 week old loves the MAM start pacifiers 🙂 Thank you for creating quality products and for being an ethical company with high standards of excellence.

  168. Carissa darm

    Pacifiers and bottles. Would love to try the sippies but can’t find them.

  169. karina escalante

    Luv thevtraining cups

  170. My favorite products are your pacis and paci clips because my baby adores them!

  171. Annie kihara

    I loved the bottles and training cups with my last little one!!

  172. Tonya S

    I haven’t found a product yet I don’t love! I used them fur my daughter and now she is 6 and my little boy who is 1 now!

  173. Megan Ust

    My son will not use any.other pacifier but a MAM pacifier. I love all the different designs and the glow in the dark ones! I will try anything MAM!

  174. Hollie Foutrhman

    This our third little boy and by far the mam Pacifier
    Is our favorite! & we love the anti colic bottles with this one:)

  175. Steffany Hosmer

    I love all the MAM products it was all I would use with my son. I have another one on the way and my favorite products are the paci’s (all sizes and styles we used then all lol) and paci clips.

  176. Rachael

    My favorite is the anti-colic bottle.

  177. Sara Kramper

    The newborn pacifiers were the ONLY kind my son would use! I had gotten other brands but he would not use them!We love Mam!

  178. Adrienne

    Both my girls will only take the MAM bottles & Pacifiers

  179. Stephanie Smith

    I absolutely love all MAM products! My son loves the pacifiers the best!!!

  180. JessicaB

    Love the training cups!!

  181. Elizabeth P.

    The training cups!

  182. Kieu Nguyen

    My son and I love all MAM products!!!

  183. Babel Basir

    Love love the anti colic bottles! <3

  184. Cristin Zachariasen

    We would have never survived without the MAM pacifiers

  185. Katherine Dearborn

    i love the training cups

  186. Our favorite product so far for our granddaughter Fallon, is your bottles. They are wonderful.

  187. Heather Downer

    Training cups are the cutest!

  188. Thien Nguyen

    Anti colic bottles are my favorite for my son.

  189. Traci M

    My 6 month old girl ONLY takes the MAM latex pacifiers.. Of course she does, they are the hardest to find!! I love that almost always land nipple up!

  190. Kristin Jenkins

    Both my kids love the pacifiers!

  191. Melissa

    Love the teethers! Thanks!

  192. Rebbekka Howard

    I love the pacifiers! They are super adorable:)

  193. Kelly

    My son loved the pacifiers!

  194. Michelle Gregory

    We love the pacifiers, the pacifier clips, and the anti colic bottles! The twins do great with the 0+ pacifiers!

  195. Kalie M.

    I love the training cups !!!!! 🙂

  196. Samantha G.

    My daughter loved the pacifiers.

  197. Gina Demaree McKee

    I love the orthodontic pacifiers!

  198. Brandy D

    Bite & Relax Phase 2. They are as entertaining as they are soothing. My son thinks they are amazing!

  199. Ivy

    Love the pacifiers and bottles!

  200. Peggy C

    I love the pacifiers but want to try the training cups soon with my son 🙂

  201. jenny reynolds

    I love the mam pacis! And so didn’t my daughter!!:)

  202. Krista Boutilier

    I love your pacifiers. Only ones my son would take!

  203. J. Caraway

    i like the pacifiers!

  204. Cindy Logan

    I love the Mam pacifiers and the pacifier leashes. It’s great for keeping the binky on hand at all times!

  205. LeAnn

    My daughter loves the bottles they are the only ones she will use!!!

  206. Chelsea

    My daughter loves MAM! We’ve tried many bottles and pacifiers but her favorite is MAM! She is only four months but I already have a small stockpile of 6+ months pacifiers ready and waiting. The prints on the 6+ month pacifiers are SO CUTE!

  207. megan nord

    I love the bottles!!!!

  208. April

    We love MAM PACIS! My baby will have nothing else! (Her choice!)

  209. Helen

    We love the pacifiers and bottle, baby number three on its way, and already have several ready for him.

  210. Dulce

    My son loves his MAM pacifiers. He has used them since he was born!

  211. Jenn

    I love the teethers! And so does my poor little teething boy!

  212. Meredith Cooklis

    love the mam anti-colic bottles! I am pregnant with my first and hope to start him/her off on a great bottle!

  213. christy Boudreaux

    My first son loved your pacifiers all the way until he was 2 1/2. We also loved trying your toothbrush. I now have a 2 week old and hope he loves all your products just like my first son!

  214. I adore the perfect pacifier with the pacifier clip!

  215. Barbara Keith

    My daughter loves the toothbrushes.

  216. Ashley C

    I’d love the learn to drink 6 ounce cup


  217. Monique Eckert

    We love the pacifiers, they are the only ones our son will use!

  218. Lauren Morrisey

    I love the personalized pacifiers as well as the different styles of sippy cups. I am interested in trying the anti colic bottles.

  219. Emily Woodford

    Mam is my favorite, I recommend it to all my friends.

  220. Desi Balasa

    Little one loves MAM pacies but I have been wanting to try MAM first toothbrushes…look as they are made exactly for bothering teething pain

  221. Tauni JeanGeorges

    My favorite products from MAM are the Glow in the Dark Pacifiers.

  222. Nancy Schwartz

    I love the toothbrushes! Excited for them to start brushing on their own!

  223. Kristin Collins

    The binkies are my sons favorite mam product

  224. Amber boggs

    We love the pacifiers!

  225. Sabrina

    My son is 7 weeks old and will only take MAM pacifiers!

  226. Linh Le

    My baby girl loves your pacifiers! It’s the only one she will keep in her mouth without mommy holding it in place for her. Please pick us!!!!

  227. Carol S

    My baby will only use MAM pacifiers! We can’t get enough of them!

  228. Katie England

    My daughter Ella loves the Mam pacifiers. We have to keep extra on hand in case we lose one.

  229. Deborah W.

    I love all MAM products!!!!!!!!!

  230. Emily Enslow

    We are expecting number 2, and I have been really excited to try the MAM Teether! I think the toothbrushes look great too!

  231. Jennifer Thomas

    the bottles!!!

  232. Janiri carrasco

    Love the pacifiers.

  233. Leigh Ann Williams

    I love the bottles and binkies! My 3 month old has never had a complaint!!!

  234. Daisy

    my boy love the paci and sippie cups

  235. rozanna

    i just love the pacifiers and they are the only ones that are able to soothe my baby girl so quicky and without me having a headache
    thanks for such an amazing product mam

  236. Christy G

    I like the bunny teether!

  237. michelle

    Love the anti-colic bottles and the pacifiers!! They have both been a life saver 🙂

  238. Erina

    love the the bottle^__^ ♡♡

  239. Liz Medina

    My daughter LOVES the pacifiers! She is borderline addicted!

  240. Liz Medina

    My daugter is addicted to the pacifiers!

  241. Doris

    We are expecting a new baby and we need the pacifiers! they are lifesavers!

  242. Mariam

    Sign me up, please! My daughter needs baby stuff. Thanks for the chance.

  243. Wade

    We need mostly bottles for the new addition to come.

  244. my child needs some stuff plz sign me up and thank you

  245. Dianna Marie Leighty

    i live the cute patootie binkis! my girl adores cutesy stuff already c:

  246. Audrey Coloma

    I love the anti-colic bottles.

  247. brooke t

    the MAM Start pacifiers for newborns

  248. Valerie Snyder

    I love the trainer cups. They are the only ones will my daughter will use!!

  249. andreamvpm

    Training cups are awesome!!

  250. megawati tan

    I loved the pacifier and the clip..i gave my son a differrent brand paci and he spit it out. Cant wait to get the sippy cup soon

  251. gheri c

    MAM****** is the BEST*******dental pacifier*********

  252. Tina T

    Love your MAM tethers! They are the best!

  253. Bridget Burke

    My son LOVED his MAM binkys. They were the only ones he would use. My daughter loves the bite brush and twisted teether. We are a MAM family. They are the only products I give at showers. My sister is expecting a baby girl in August and I would love to be able to give her this MAM goody basket.

  254. Sara

    I can’t wait to try the teethers!

  255. Betty Baez

    i like the MAM Anti-Colic 8oz bottle

  256. Patricia

    Love love love the pacifiers!

  257. Kristen L.

    My Son LOVES MAM Glow In The Dark Pacifiers! We would love to try the MAM First Brush!

  258. Shawn Eads

    My son loves MAM Pacifiers, Teethers and Anti-Colic Bottles! I am sure he would love the training cups as well but we can not find them anywhere.

  259. Eric Smith

    I think my son will soon be answering, “Yes Mam!” when asked if he’d like his pacifier!

  260. Thabal

    I have a lot about the MAM Anti-Colic Bottles! Would like to try them.

  261. Chelsea

    These are the only pacifiers and bottles that my daughter will take! We love MAM!

  262. Ivy

    love the bottles, since I tend to have more colic babies.

  263. Grandma-to-be Karinsue

    The anti colic bottles are my favorite!

  264. Grandpa Jim

    My granddaughter is due in October…She’ll need everything…the pacifiers would help me out when she cries and I don’t know what to do.

  265. Monica P

    I love the Mam pacifiers!

  266. Jacinta

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  269. My son (as a baby) and my daughter (now) absolutely loved using the pacifiers and the bottles. I couldn’t get them to use any other product, they love the shape of the nipples and I loved all of the other features (silicone nipples, self-sanitizing containers for the microwave and the ease to use and wash).

  270. Olivia Rubin

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  276. Tina T

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  277. angel c

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