Kim Kardashian: Weekend Pregnancy Workout

Kim Kardashian was seen out with her friend Brittny Gastineau in Los Angeles, California on Saturday (May 11). Both wore black workout gear and wrapped shirts around their waists. Kim wrote a special Mother’s Day message for her mom, grandmother and sister Kourtney on her blog.

She wrote: “Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a special day to honor my role model and best friend. As I’m counting the days until I finally get to be a mother, I’m a bit nervous and anxious but also excited knowing that I learned from the very best.”

She continued, “My mom is a strong and ambitious career woman that despite her busy schedule and the millions of things she has going on, she still manages to put family first and continues to look out for us every day. I’m honored to follow in her footsteps and make her proud like I am of her. And also my wonderful grandma MJ, such a strong and inspirational woman in my life!. I love you so much!”

Referring to her sister Kourtney she said, “My sister, best friend, and mentor has also taught me so much about motherhood from being the most incredible mom to Mason and Penelope. She is super woman . . . and I am so lucky to have her as my guide and confidant as I too become a mother.”

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  • Anonymous

    Listening to her describe her mother as “the best mom” and “a role model” almost makes me sick to my stomach. In my opinion, her mother is the practically the furthest you can get from the definition of a good mom.

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Wow, Anonymous, I couldn’t have said it any better than you. Kris Jenner and good mom shouldn’t even be put in the same sentence. What does that tell you about their upbringing and morals?

  • Sandra

    Oh that last line kills me when she says that she learned from the very best. Kris Jenner is no where near a good role model, in fact she is on top of the list for a terrible role model! Holy crap, Kris Jenner and good role model? What a joke!!

  • Anon

    Regardless of what you all think, she obviously still loves her mother, so who are you to say she wasn’t a good role model for her?

    • Anonymous

      Of course she loves her mom, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is something wrong with her thinking that Kris is a wonderful role model. If Kim truly believes that she has learned from the best then I feel terrible for her unborn baby and what will become of her. What kind of values will be instilled in that child?

  • anonymous

    If you call pimping out her kid and promoting a sex video then I guess she’s a great role model. SMH!

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