Kate Middleton Breaks Royal Tradition With Stroller Choice

While Kate Middleton won’t be having a royal baby shower, she and Prince William still need to prepare. According to iVillage, the royal couple already picked out a stroller. What is surprising: They’ve made an untraditional choice!

Many members of the British royal family spent their newborn days in a Silver Cross pram — those gigantic, antique-looking carriages that are more pretty than practical. Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, and even the Queen herself were once pushed around in one. Many people expected the couple to heed royal tradition and choose one for their baby’s ride as well, but that is not the case!

Visit iVillage to discover which stroller Duchess Kate and Prince William picked out!

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  • Anonymous

    Seriously, does anyone really care?

    • sassygirl45

      Because she is beautiful.

  • Tracy

    I don’t want to be ana* but wasn’t princess Dianna not born in the Royal family?

    • Allie

      Her father was an Earl (inherited the title in 1975.) As such, she became Lady Diana Spencer. This was before she even married Prince Charles. So, Royalty, no. But, aristocracy, yes.

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