Kim Kardashian Wows In White

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian stepped out for lunch with her momager Kris Jenner at Stanley’s in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on (May 16). Wowing in a white dress, Kim looked lovely, yet swollen, in her heels.

According to TMZ, the reality star and her rapper beau, Kanye West, will hit the road with their newborn baby. With his new album dropping in October, Kanye will be going on tour — and bringing along Kim and the baby.

During a recent live performance, the rapper dished out the lyrics for his pregnant ladylove.

“Stop everything you’re doing now/ Because Baby, you’re awesome / Don’t let nobody get you down / Because you’re awesome / You don’t need to listen to your manager … / You must be tired of running through my mind / Can I come inside? … I’m also awesome … / I’d rather do nothing with you, / than something with somebody new / Because Baby you’re awesome.”

He went on to rant about the ever-present paparazzi.

“I don’t know if you know there’s one thing about me, but I’m not a celebrity,” he said/rapped. “I don’t know if you know there’s one thing about me, but I’m a terrible, terrible celebrity. I don’t know if you know there’s one thing about me, but I’m the worst kind of celebrity … Because I only make real music … I’m only up in the studio to make real sh-t … I don’t want nobody coming up to me with cameras and sh-t … Selling pictures to a f–king magazine … Asking me dumb f–king questions … Because I’m not a motherf–king celebrity … I only make music that inspires you to be the best you can be — And I don’t want anyone to ask anything else of me.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

  • a.

    OMG her feet!!!!!! and those shoes!!

  • Tracy

    She’s beautiful. But OMG it hurts me just to look at her feet/ankles (and mother but that’s another story)

  • Anonymous

    Wows? Do feet not count, or should I say, pigs in blankets?
    Wowed am I not.

  • cb

    that poor woman. she so needs to quit trying to make a statement and go for comfort !!! everything she wears from head to toe is way too small for her growing body !!! she would feel so much better, not to mention look better if she wore looser clothing (or just clothes that fit !!!!).

  • laura

    Those shoes must be killing her! And they’re not even attractive to see, why doesn’t she just wear comfortable flats?

  • Courtney

    @Laura has it ever occurred to you that because Kim is short she needs the height any which way she can get it. the swelling looks like she has gestational diabetes so she should deffinately be wearing flats or kitten heels not the spikes she is

    • Someone

      While I agree that she probably is wearing heels for the height it gives her, a pair of wedges would be much more comfortable and still give her a lift. The heels she is wearing in these pics looks so binding and restricting. With all the choices she has, it’s baffling why she would choose those.

    • amanda

      No one should ever wear a kitten heal! They should have never been made. Wear a flat or an actual high heal.

    • laura

      Yeah, the point is not why she thinks wearing those shoes is good, the point is that it is NOT good at all.
      Her legs and feet look like a stuffed chicken, or like salami, and those strings are certainly blocking her circulation… It’s neither healthy nor pretty!

  • Louise

    Courtney what a statement to make ‘she looks like she has gestational diabetes’!!! she looks like a normal healthy woman who is pregnant and suffering from swollen feet/ankles as can happen when you are wearing heels or flats its pregnancy – FYI gestational diabetes generally only occurs when the pregnant woman herself is overweight or a family history of diabetes and I doubt she is either – personally I think she looks great in this outfit

  • Holly

    that baby is going to be slow from lack of oxygen due to being “spanxed” in every. single. day. 24/7. Kim really is as vain and ignorant as I thought.

  • Holly

    “wows in white”? really? who writes these headlines. more like “sow in white”

    • Anonymous

      omg. This.

  • Vicki

    Looking at her feet make me think of a can of biscuits trying to pop out:-\

  • CJ

    These kinds of people should

  • CJ

    ^ Sorry, I meant to delete it but pressed okay. Stupid phone.

  • anon

    Seriously she seems in denial about being pregnant, stop trying so hard and put a pair of flats on, she just looks stupid. Poor child to be….

  • chaka

    kim needs to buy some maternity clothes!!!!!! and those shoes! do you not want to be comfortable? its like she wants to be talked about! the clothes she’s wearing during her pregnancy are not flattering at all! and the shoes she’s wearing are so uncomfortable for a pregnant woman! the mean people don’t care that she’s pregnant! they will still talk

  • Veep

    What a dumb idea to take a newborn (your first) on a music tour. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • meh

    OMG she is trying way to hard. I thought motherhood would settle her need for having to be photographed/talked about EVERY SINGLE day, down, but apparently it hasnt. She is just looking ridiculous.

  • franny

    Im expecting

  • sierra

    I found the shoes extreme as well, she has tried so hard to look good all the time and she doesn’t want to give that up during pregnancy I guess. But what I found kind of disturbing is that kim and their newborn baby will be going on tour with kanye. Especially if it is overseas, that does not sound like a good idea to me. Everyone should have time to adjust and get into a routine with their new baby. I personally would never dream of traveling with a newborn, if at all possible

  • kamila

    When I was at the end of my pregnancy with my daughter, my feet swelled like that no matter what shoes I wore. I never wore heels when I was pregnant but it was winter and I wore mainly Ugg boots. After walking around a bit, my feet would puff up like gross balloons and there was nothing I could do about it. So even though she’s an idiot and shouldn’t be still trying to wear heels at this point, the swelling may not be entirely due to the shoes but rather just from being on her feet. My feet would only not swell when I laid down.

  • Sophia

    Kim looks nice but my god her footwear choices make my eyes and legs hurt. Those poor swollen feet deserve to be comfortable at least occasionally!

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