Anne Heche: The 4’s Are Awful

Anne Heche says the 4’s are worse than the 2’s.

The Save Me actress – who has Homer, 11, and Atlas, 4, told, “Why doesn’t anybody say that to you? Everybody says the terrible two’s! It’s so funny because people are just now saying, “Oh, no. Four. It must be awful.” I think 4′s must be the age where they decide they are going to fight you on everything. You say yes, they say no. Are girls like that, too?”

She adds that her sons are active.

“It’s exactly like they say: girls like to sit and color and they are sweet and they let you comb their hair. Boys… my boys and every other boy I know, are active, active, active. I play with them all the time. I play football, baseball… I play all these things I never thought I would play. Anything with a ball they love. Boys are cuddlers and lovers though. When you tire them out, they love to sit and cuddle their mama. That’s the blessing of boys.”

Talking about her blog Mommy Wars – she reveals, “I really enjoy it because I feel like I have connected with a community of moms. One of the most incredible things was when I wrote a blog about Attie saying, “I hate this toy,” when I went into a toy store, got him a toy and it wasn’t the toy he wanted, he had a total meltdown.

“When I wrote about it and what I was going through, all of these moms wrote back to me. I couldn’t believe it! It connected me to the community understanding that we have, and always do, have support. It’s been really cool to know that.”

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  • Jenn

    Um, Anne, I have one of each and not all girls like to sit and color quietly. Every girl is unique just like every boy is. My girl was just as loud and crazy as her brother. And at the same time, both kids could play together quietly.

  • Barbara

    I had 2 boys, 1 girl. When small 1 boy and the girl were sort of good all the time. 1 boy was a handful since birth(and still is) The girl as a teen made me gray….oh my

  • Louise

    My boy was exactly like that! I read that boys have a testosteron-peak around that age, maybe that has something to do with it…

  • Rosy

    I’m finding the threes are like this with my son at the moment, phew!

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