Anna Faris: “Chris Is An Amazing Dad”

Anna Faris recently updated reporters on her 8-month-old son Jack. Speaking at the CBS Upfront event in New York City last Wednesday (May 15) the Mom actress shared she was suffering from separation anxiety.

She said, “It makes me crazy when I’m not holding him. He’s at a really adorable phase. He’s not crawling, but he sort of wiggles. He coos and he giggles and he makes funny, funny noises. He lights up when you walk into the room. And he squawks!”

Faris, 36, also praised her husband – Parks and Recreation’s Chris Pratt.

“Chris is an amazing dad. He really is. He feeds the baby almost every morning so I can sleep in. . . It’s very sexy to watch him be a dad!”

US Weekly reports she also talked about bonding with the baby.

She said, “People keep saying, ‘Enjoy your baby.’ At first I didn’t really know what that meant. ‘Enjoy your baby?’ I don’t know! Am I enjoying this? I’m bored and it’s hard work! But it is true.”

“It’s like, ‘This is going to pass. This time is going to pass and I’ll miss this,'” Faris added. “I’m excited for Jack to get older so I can talk with him and have him become a full person, but I know I’m going to miss eating his feet and kissing his cute little cheeks.”

Speaking to E! News  she continued on to say that Jack “has a weirdly huge head” and joked, “Well, you know what, we (she and costar Allison Janney) are just gonna have to step it up and I’m gonna have to bring home a lot of bacon, I guess. I gotta pull my weight.”

On the new sitcom Mom – Faris plays Christy, a newly sober single mom. The show airs Mondays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS this fall.


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