LeAnn Rimes & Her Lil’ Leaguer

Country superstar LeAnn Rimes was photographed with her 5-year-old stepson Jake in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Monday (May 20). The Blue singer – carrying a custom iPhone case with a picture of both stepsons – enjoyed a day of little league baseball in the California sunshine.

Unfortunately, things got nasty later that same evening between LeAnn and the boys’ mother, reality star Brandi Glanville.  

In a tweet addressed to Eddie Cibrian, Brandi wrote, “Ive been trying to get a hold of my kids 4 over an hour no response to my calls, emails or messages. Maybe twitter will work,” Brandi tweeted on Monday, approximately 8 pm PT.

LeAnn, now married to Eddie, then sent a tweet in response to Brandi.

“Funny, she just got off the phone w/ them. Sorry, we were doing baths, homework & dinner,” LeAnn wrote. “All good!”

She later added, “no drama when the truth is told. Cool! Done! Nothing to it!”

LeAnn and Brandi are well known for their Twitter feuds. Read about their December drama here.

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  • yourstoryiswrong

    That’s Brandi’s son. Why does this site go out of their way to disrespect Brandi? Things turned nasty long before what this article is claiming. Leann tweeted that she allowed Brandi’s children to listen to her album and sing “Borrowed”. Have you heard the lyrcis to Borrowed? Borrowed is about Leann’s affair with Eddie and Leann said that the boys were signing, “I don’t want to give you back.” That is how this started. But leave it up to some media outlets to spin Leann’s agenda.

    Leann is well known for using twitter to taunt and harass Brandi. Brandi is always put in a position where she has to defend herself. which shouldn’t have to happen. Leann tweets nasty things about Brandi everyday, just for some reason sites like this ignore it.

    This is a staged photo-op. Leann sent out several tweets about where and when she was going to be with the boy.

  • yourstoryiswrong


    It all started when LeAnn tweeted to her fans that her husband Eddie Cibrian’s sons were singing a song from her album — the song that LeAnn reportedly wrote about her affair with Eddie during his marriage to the children’s mother, Brandi.

    “I love kids!! Asking them if my album is good…long brake before ‘it’s good.’ Omg I died laughing. Boy do they ever humble you!! ” she wrote, adding, “They walk around singing ‘I don’t want to give you back.’ It’s the hooks.” The song LeAnn is referring to is called “Borrowed” and judging by the lyrics, it appears crystal clear that the song is about her and Eddie’s affair. Below are a few of the songs other lyrics:

    I know you’re not mine, only borrowed
    Cause you already belong to her, at least you said so
    But I’m starting to believe it ain’t the whole truth
    As we’re lying side by side, I get the whole you
    Do you tell her that you love her?
    Like you do me?
    Do you make love to her,
    The way you make love to me?
    Well I keep myself alone in case you call tonight
    Its pathetic how I lie around
    And wait all the damn time
    Hours after LeAnn spoke of the children, Brandi surfaced on Twitter, complaining that she couldn’t contact her boys. “I’ve been trying to get a hold of my kids 4 over an hour no response to my calls ,emails or messages. Maybe twitter will work @EddieCibrian,” she posted.

    Well, it did work — and quickly. Just about 20 minutes later, LeAnn saw the tweet and wrote a response. “Funny, she just got off the phone w/ them. Sorry, we were doing baths, homework & dinner. All good!” LeAnn explained. “The phone rang, I picked it up. Never saw this til after. All you gotta do is call.”

    • Anonymous

      You have entirely too much time on your hands. Good lord. Get a life.

      • yourstoryiswrong

        Hi Leann Rimes.

        You have entirely too much time on your hands, why did you make all those tweets about Brandi’s kids. Good lord. Get a life Leann that way you won’t have to spend an entire day tweeting about Brandi’s kids and inviting the paps to their games.

        • Not Leann Rimes

          You need help.

          • yourstoryiswrong

            @Not Leann Rimes

            We know that you need help Leann Rimes. You write posts telling people that they are obsessed and then you go on to make 5 more posts and why are you messing around with the votes? The votes flip flop after you have made a special visit.

      • yourstoryiswrong

        Why were you whining about your posts being deleted when I see that you are having comments to you removed? You complain about how it’s everyone else who spends too much time, yet here you are having comments removed. Perhaps you should get a life. Leann should do the same, no other celeb spends that much tweeting and exploiting someone elses child like this.

  • Mary

    At least get the headline straight. This is not HER lil one, I have no doubt she cares for her step sons, but seriously this is getting old always putting this troll of a woman on here parading her husband’s sons around. She is not their mother and she helped destroy their family. I wish LeAnn would just go away for good!

  • Alyson

    Though I am not saying Leann is the innocent one during this ridiculous feud, I do believe Brandi needs to stop being so dramatic with everything her sons do with their father and stepmom. Both need to get their big-girl panties on and figure out a respectful relationship with one another for the sake of these boys. This bickering back and forth has got to have a negative impact on the children growing up. They are NOT the only family dealing with these issues, so it CAN be done. Family therapy would be the best outlet for these women and Eddie.

    Sorry…end rant… 🙂

    • yourstoryiswrong

      How is being Brandi being dramatic? Leann made several tweets about being at Brandi’s son game and look what do we see now? This child’s face being plastered all over the internet. She then took videos of the child on the way to the game and at the game and posted them to her Vine account. And then on top of that she is tweeting about allowing the kids to sing things about their parents marriage. Brandi wasn’t exaggerating. The problem is sites like this who push Leann’s agenda. They don’t tell the complete story and then whey they do they blame Brandi when the blame falls on Eddie and Leann. Brandi can’t do her job when Leann is always standing in a way. There was no need for Leann to tweet where she would be with the kid, he had 4 or 5 games last month. How did he get those games without being papped? They did do family therapy and it didn’t work because Leann was more interested in one upping Brandi. Leann needs to step aside and let Brandi and Eddie parent their kids. Eddie she is afraid that Eddie will get back with Brandi so she creates problems between them.

    • Anonymous

      These hags are made for each other. They’re destined to do this forever like Batman and The Joker. I question the mentality of anyone that follows these two on Twitter. Gross.

  • Kempie

    What goes around comes around. l watch this drama unfold and wait for the day that LeAnn Rimes is having her divorce. It only a matter of time. Hell mend her and hers for the pain they have caused those children involved. She can pretend she’s playing happy families but she fools no one, only herself. There is only one person in LeAnn Rimes life that she loves, HERSELF and there is no room for any one else or their feelings.

  • yourstoryiswrong

    Leann and her people are here! Mess with the votes and hit report all you want, it won’t change the fact that Leann was wrong.

    From Suburban Turmoil: This is not a Bonus Mom

    I think that most stepmoms eventually realize this– and that’s why you won’t find a whole lot of stepmom blogs out there (and why you’ll often find yourself shuddering when you read the intimate details shared by some of the stepmoms that are online). If we suffer from finding ourselves smack dab in the middle of a touchy blended family situation that we did not create and do not control, we mostly do it in silence- if we’re smart. It’s the Stepmother Way.

    But then someone like LeAnn Rimes comes along– and, well, see for yourself.

    Here is LeAnn’s Twitter bio:


    Of course, in your defense, LeAnn, you’re hardly the first new stepmother to commit the dreaded ‘Bonus Mom’ faux pas. Now that my little ones are getting older, I’m starting to become acquainted with more and more new stepmoms, women who are giving me an uncomfortable case of deja vu because they’re right where I was ten years ago. They’re often the ones asking way too many questions during parent meetings, cheering way too loudly at soccer games, and baring way too much skin during children’s birthday parties. (I know it’s a new relationship and all, but uh. Just sayin.’) It’s hard for me to see them now because I remember doing some of the exact same things when I was in their shoes, and only now am I understanding why I got more than a few hostile glares at the time from other moms.

    A stepmom is not a bonus mom.

    My advice to LeAnn, to other new stepmoms, hell, to myself ten years ago, is to take the “wind beneath their wings” approach. Avoid conflict with the kids’ mom. Be ready and willing to take a step back at birthday parties and sports events. You do not need to prove to the world how much YOU CARE. Be there for the kids when they need you, but be willing to back off when they’re feeling conflicted, or when their mom is causing trouble, or when it’s creating problems in your own marriage. It might not be best for you and your feelings (and in a world where YOUR FEELINGS are EVERYTHING, I realize that this can be very hard to take), but if you really do want the best for the members of your blended family, you’ll do it for them.

    -Suburban Turmoil

    • Not Leann Rimes

      It is possible that other people in this world disagree with you besides Leann Rimes and her crew. I don’t like Brandi or Leann. I think they deserve each other.

      • yourstoryiswrong

        @Not Leann Rimes(aka Leann Rimes)

        We know that you say you don’t like Brandi AND Leann, but your actions speak otherwise. If you don’t like Brandi and Leann why are you always here making posts about how people can’t post here?

        You are also messing around with the votes just like you do on several other sites.

        • Not Leann Rimes

          1. I am not Leann Rimes (thank god)
          2. I have not voted on anyone’s comments
          3. I believe you are obsessed with these people and perhaps have lost site of reality.

  • Albus

    The reason why there are so many comments on this post it’s why those two will never stop publicizing their “drama” for all the attention’s sake.

  • missme?

    it irritates the fuck out of me that someone, some stranger who gets with your ex(who messed up your marriage in this case), feels entitled to the kids that you gave birth to .

    it’s not a package deal! I’m sorry, but whenever my daughter goes to her father’s house, I tell her you don’t have to like his girlfriend and you don’t have to spend time with her. she is not related to you. you don’t owe her anything.

    • Anonymous

      It irritates me that my posts got deleted for no reason but your f-word is allowed.

      • yourstoryiswrong

        Why are you whining about your posts being deleted when you have no problem getting their posts deleted?

    • Anonymous

      Leann Rimes is married to these boys’ mother. She is their step-mother. She is not a girlfriend. So yes, they do HAVE to spend time with her, but no, they don’t HAVE to like her. Nobody HAS to like anyone.

      How sad that you teach your child to dislike people just because you do. I’m sure that make for a really harmonious environment for your kid. Pathetic on your part.

      • yourstoryiswrong

        @Leann Rimes

        So what if you are married to Eddie, that doesn’t give you special benefits. No these kids don’t have to spend time with you. As we can clearly see when those kids are you with you spend more times tweeting and setting up staged photo-ops, than you do actually taking care of them. You can post all you want about how no one has to like it, but what you did on Monday was wrong.

        How sad that you did this to this child on Monday. It would be harmonius if you would stop exploiting those kids like this. What’s pathetic is that you sit on these sites making posts in defense of yourself.

  • H

    Dayum. This Eddie dude must have a magic dyk to be at the center of such rivalry. Sad that women give men this much credence. If only their children were given so much energy—besides being used as pawns.

  • HA

    I think both of these women need to stop talking about the boys in public. These poor kids will grow up reading all this. It’s bad enough having your parents go through a divorce and all that it brings with it without having in played out in front of everyone. I’m not particularly a fan of either woman but just feel for the kids. Also WHY when tweets are to Eddie does LeAnn feel the need to respond?! It wasn’t to her but she had to get involved and cause more drama. It’s like these two women are trying to make these boys unhappy. Wish they’d try to take the high road!

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely! I really don’t get why people choose sides. BOTH of these women are just ridiculous.

      • yourstoryiswrong

        @Leann Rimes

        And yet here you are always slamming Brandi.

  • D

    I am fine with a stepmother caring about her husbands kids thats nice, but Leann may be doing some emotional damage by over stepping the boundaries and trying to outdo their mother. No amount of toys and disneyland trips will make up for breaking up the kids family which they will know about in a couple of years, Mason is nearly 10 after all.
    Also why does she constantly post videos of the kids yet Brandi isn’t allowed to have them in the background on RHOBH.
    I hope now Brandi has a second book deal she will have more money to get the lawyers on to Leann as she doesn’t seem to be mentally stable.

  • YourStoryIsWhack

    I’m not Leann Rimes. You are delusional if you think that i am. I don’t even like Leann. My comments were about your obsession with these two people and their drama and how you go berserk every time Celebrity Baby Scoop posts something about Leann and Brandi. It’s unsettling.

    • meghan

      Spending a lot of time defending her for someone who ‘doesn’t even like her’.

    • yourstoryiswrong


      You are Leann Rimes. You are delusional if you think that no one knows it’s you. You do like Leann, you sit here on this site and attack Brandi pretending to be neutral. Our comments were about your obsession with Brandi’s kids and how you go berserk every time Celebrity Baby Scoop posts something about Leann and Brandi. It’s unsettling. Come on Leann Rimes. Get a grip. Don’t you have to be on twitter to tweet about how happy your life is?

  • meghan

    What I don’t get is that whenever these kids are photographed, it is with their stepmother. All three of the adults are in the public eye, but it is always pics of leannn. I don’t see that with any other blended family on this site. It makes it look like you are pushing an agenda or are in her pocket or something.
    Custom IPhone cover with the boys picture? Making sure it gets photographed by the “spontaneous” appearance of the paparazzi? Yeah, she’s not trying to make a point or anything!

  • yourstoryiswrong

    What’s going on with the votes? Why is there a huge flip flop in the balance when Leann Rimes(aka Not Leann/Yourstoryiswhack) makes a post?

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious as to why all the posts that were here yesterday are gone… but all the posts made by the nutjob “yourstoryiswrong” are still here?!

    • yourstoryiswrong

      @Anonymous(aka Leann Rimes)

      Why are you even complaining about your posts being removed when you were in the previous thread removing comments that contained Ginger Hine’s tweets?

      Says the person who keeps coming back here every 15 min to make a post to call someone else a name or to tell someone that they are obsessed. Your posts were reported because people are tired of your nonsense and you are messing with the posts. Why are you giving your comments +22 votes. Isn’t this the same thing that happened on E?

      • Not Leann Rimes

        See what I mean, CBS? This person is delusional.

        1. Who is Ginger Hines?

        2. I don’t have comments removed.

        3. I don’t vote on comments, including my own, because it’s lame.

        4. Wtf is E? Do you mean Enews? I don’t go to that site. Ever.

        5. You are mistaking me for someone else. And you’re scary.

      • Not Leann Rimes


        Which posts of yours were removed? All I see on this thread are your comments. You make no sense.

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