Guess Who Revealed: Priestley Siblings

It’s Jason Priestley and his children!

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum and his daughter Ava, nearly 6, and son Dashiell, nearly 4, were photographed at the farmer’s market in Studio City, Calif. on Sunday (May 19). The trio were seen picking up some fresh produce on the sunny afternoon.

Married to makeup artist Naomi Lowde, we rarely see Jason and his adorable family out and about.

We last spotted the family-of-four in June 2012.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Jessica

    No clue but gunna take a guess.. Drew lacheys kids?

  • Casey

    Apple & Moses Martin maybe?

  • Kelly

    I am guessing Hilary Swank. The little girl just make me think of her.

    • Anonymous

      Hillary Swank has kids??

  • Maude

    Jason Priestley’s kids?

  • Grace

    The Ben and Jen’s kiddos…Violet has Mamas’s lips.

  • Bron

    Toby Maguire’s Ruby and Otis

  • Bridget

    Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt.

  • amanda

    Dennis Quaid’s kids.

  • Poonam majumdar

    Angelina jolie’s kids

  • Gail

    Brad pitt and angelina jolie’s kids

  • Gail

    Brad pitt & angelina jolie’s kids

  • elizabeth

    Tobey Maguire’s kids?

  • Lisese

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s kids.

  • Ash

    Apple and Moses Martin

  • kem

    Jason Priestley’s kids, Ava and Dashiell.

  • Chane

    Ava and Dashiell Priestley.

  • Anabelle

    No idea, but they’re both very attractive children, so I’m presuming mommy and daddy must be very attractive too. x

  • Agreed! These are Jason Priestley’s kids Ava and Dashiell!

  • Anonymous

    Jason Priestley’s kids, Ava and Dashiell.

  • Heather

    Those kids are not the right age at all to be Ben & Jen’s, Gweneth’s, Toby McGuire’s, Brad and Angelina’s, or Dennis Quaid’s (who are the same age). And, Hillary Swank does not have children.

  • Sophia

    It’s got to be Ava and Dashiell Priestley.

  • May

    I’m gonna guess Ava and Dashiell Priestley as well.

  • Lilith

    Ava & Dashiell Priestley

  • Me

    They totally look lime their dad, Jason Priestley.

  • arabella

    Ava and Dashiell.

  • AvaElizabeth

    didn’t have a clue, but read your answers and than I thought:
    I agree, they really look like jason priestley, so I also think it’s Ava and Dashiell

  • Jacquie fontina

    It is brad Pitts kids

  • Albus

    Geez people how can they be Brad and Angelina’s kids?? Haven’t you ever seen Knox and Vivienne? and then Apple and Moses?? or Jennifer Garner’s kids? i mean seriously. You’re mentioning kids we see ALL THE TIME, it doesn’t apply to the clue that we “rarely” see them.

    And for the record, i have no clue who they are. But it has to be kids we rarely see, and not those who’ve even been on magazine covers.

  • Julie

    Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt

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