Usher’s Weekly Dinner Plan

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Usher and his two boys are having way more fun at dinner time than my family.

The singer, who was awarded primary custody of 5-year-old Usher Raymond V and 4-year-old Naviyd last August, recently explained to Jay Leno, “I think everybody has some little thing that they do in their family, this is just something I felt would be helpful for them to understand and be mindful of the world around them.”

“As I travel and I take them different places I’d like for them to understand the places that they’re going, the languages that are there, as well as the food and the culture.”

Usher went on, “So, therefore, I have Mexican Mondays, Thai Tuesdays, West Indies Wednesdays, Tuscan Thursdays and French Fridays… It’s really fun on Saturday. (We have) Wild Out Saturdays, where you (can) do anything, you can fart at the table, eat with your hands…”

As a mom who does the lion’s sharing of purchasing, planning and preparing our family’s meals, I can’t help but wonder how much work Usher puts into his themes. Does he do any of the prep work, or just show up for the fun time? (Not hating on him if that’s the case — just plain old jealous.)

While I don’t think I could swing making a solid week of meals happen, I love the idea of it. Maybe I’ll aim for one per week to start out with (Taco Tuesday has been known to happen a few times already…wonder if they’d balk if I tried for Thai instead?), and I’ll definitely have to plan a ‘Wild Out Saturday’ soon!

With an 8 and 6-year-old in the house, burp and fart jokes reign supreme.

Do you do anything fun with dinners as Usher and his boys do? Please share!

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  • sheyla

    LOL!! That sounds like fun!! But you’re right a lot of work!!

  • Jason

    Wow, this is really unintentionally racist. If I was Mexican, I’m sure I would want to slap the shit out of Usher if I visited his house and saw this.

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