Farrah Abraham: A Star Is Born


HerScoopFarrah Abraham has gone from being a teen mom, to an MTV reality star, to a porn star receiving a seven-figure paycheck, to a breakout TV star with her own reality show.

Our spinoff, HerScoop, couldn’t help but notice that Farrah’s rising stardom has come after a series of what seems to be really bad decisions. Is this how to become a celebrity in today’s society? Do we want our daughters to aspire to this? Are the reality shows on teen motherhood glamorizing teen pregnancy? Continue reading at HerScoop

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  1. Louise

    What kind of a society we live in where this kind of choices are rewarded in such an overwhelming manner?

  2. laura

    she’s just shallow, not even worth our insults…

  3. Jesse

    She didn’t get paid 1 million she said she got almost 1 million and in Farrah terms that means she got way less than 1 million because Farrah seems to exaggerate and think she’s all that and likes to make other think she’s all that so she exaggerated the money she got. Just because something has a huge market for it, doesn’t make it good or okay. There is a huge market for illegal drugs, does that make drug dealers okay? ETC

    By the way that you misspell simple words and the fact that you have no logic, i’m starting to think you are Farrah LOL

  4. Anonymous

    “Why can’t there be a show that glorifies the things that are actually worthy of being praised?”

    Because you wouldn’t watch it.

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