Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka’s Cute Twins

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka 2-year-old twins Harper and Gideon were spotted at yoga class in Studio City, Calif. on Wednesday (May 22). While holding hands with the nanny, Gideon was all smiles as he hammed it up for the paparazzi. And Harper looked so pretty in her princess dress!

The Doogie Houser alum opened up about welcoming the twins via surrogate mother.

“We really, really wanted kids,” NPH said. “We really had thought it through financially, emotionally, relationship-wise. We didn’t just accidentally get pregnant and decide that now we need to make this work. These kids come into our world with nothing but love.”

The handsome couple talked the science behind the birth of the fraternal twins, revealing each father fertilized one egg and the twins were carried and born via one surrogate.

Burtka explained that the twins were conceived by “two eggs, two embryos, one of mine, one of his.”

The couple knew the surrogate, whom Burtka described as “more like the oven.” And they found an anonymous egg donor through a donation bank where they were able to research her personal and medical history.

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  • Kristine

    I am guessing he will not be blasted for having a nanny like so many other celebrity parents on this site get. J-Lo, SJP, etc…ladies we need to support each other and not tear it down! Moms Rule whether we have a nanny or not!!!!!!!!

    • NYCMommy

      I think people on this site seem to blast people who have nannies out with them even with one child….NOT for having nannies in general. That being said… these two are so cute. The boy seems like a super happy kid. 🙂

    • jemma

      If a working parent doesn’t have a nanny, the alternative is daycare. The problem I have is that there is no celebrity in this picture. I for one am not interested in looking at kids with their nanny. It’s a celebrity site right? Stick to publishing pictures of CELEBRITIES with their families.

      • Anonymous

        Yet here you are… looking and commenting.

  • Manuel

    And the other day Burtka was whining about having to take care of the kids on his own while NPH’s filming abroad. Even your NANNY takes care of them on her own, and you still got her to help out! Where is Burka anyway here? He don’t have a job? Boyfriend? Who knows. Not my business but can’t stand overly whiny rich peeps.

    But the kids are adorable no matter what. Cuties!

    • Mimi

      Huh? What? How could you possibly know, if he wasn’t working or sick or whatever? If you want to be upset about something, be upset about paparazzi following their children, even though none of the celeb parents are around. Because that’s something you can actually tell from the pictures!

      But as you that, none of your business!

    • nn

      How can it be when all he did was to give praise to single parents be seen as ? wow you are very judgmental. shame on you. David Burtka do amazing with the twins! And he do have a job.Manuel you are the one who are whiny!
      He wrote “(To all you amazing single parents out there… I don’t know how you do it?
      You are super human”)

      • nn

        first sentence should been: How can it be when all he did was to give praise to single parents be seen as whiny

    • Anon

      Fair enough, I can’t stand overly whiny comments, but guess we both have to deal with it.

  • A

    Beautiful children!

  • Missy

    They are soooooooo cute!

  • Anonymous9

    Just a question, because it never actually occurred to me before, but if the kids actually each have a different biological father, are they actually just brother and sister and not actually fraternal twins at all? Somehow it seems different from regular twins but I was pretty crappy in biology. 🙂

    • LaKesha

      Does it really matter? Just settle on the fact that they are siblings.

    • Anon

      Fraternal twins develop from two different eggs and grow in the same womb, so yes they are fraternal, just developed in someone else’s womb and not the biological mother’s. BTW, there have been cases of women giving birth to fraternal twins with different fathers (most famously a woman giving birth to black and white babies), the statistic is very low but it could happen.

    • Also Anon

      All fraternal twins are nothing more than brothers and/or sisters born at the same time.

  • ally

    Imagine if you were their biological mother, not that she’ll ever know but it would be crazy to find out that you were the “real” mother of Neil Patrick Harris’ children!

    • Gretchen

      That WOULD be nuts! Mind trips! I had a coworker that sold her eggs to pay for college and she was told from the agency that a high profile couple had chosen her ‘egg profile’ as a match and that the pregnancy ‘took.’ Her agency won’t tell you if a baby is actually born, but will let you know if a pregnancy happened. She thought it was odd they’d tell her the parents that chose her eggs were high profile since they are SO secretive about everything! Crazy thought!

    • Jessica

      Haha see thats whats scary..
      If you donate sperm/eggs and someone uses them.. and say you have your own children and raised them and then your child and the sperm donor egg donor child met and fell in love thats kinda insane and incest. So crazy ha.

  • Gemi

    Ok, those kids are so cute!

  • Anne

    Super cute kids, but like others, I have a problem with paparazzi following kids around without their celebrity parents even being with them. I wonder where they draw the line…follow them to school next…?!

    And from what I remember from their Oprah interview, when he is not working, Burtka takes care of the kids by himself, without the nanny. She only has the kids when he’s working, which he apparently was when those pics were taken.

  • JJ

    The whole thing is against nature! Men with men, disgusting! Children who don’t know who their real mother is….Stop messing with the way things are supposed to be. One man with one woman for life, raising their children together!! Why is that so hard to figure out! Quit glorifying these immoral, disgusting, perverts!!!!!!!!

  • Vee

    Has Neil or David say which kid their the biological father of?

    • NobodyAskedYouPatrice

      They don’t actually know for sure, but Neil guesses Gideon is his and Harper is David’s.

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