Jamie Anne Allman: I Had A “Horrible” Pregnancy

Jamie Anne Allman has opened up on her difficult pregnancy. The Killing’s actress and her husband – True Blood’s Marshall Allman – welcomed twin boys on January 31. The babies – named Asher James and Oliver Charles – were born eighty-one days before her due date. Jamie didn’t take them home until April.

She tells US Weekly, “Oliver was 2 lbs., 11 oz., and he was discharged at 7 lbs., 7 oz. Asher was 3 lbs., but he was discharged from the hospital at 8 lbs., 1 oz.”

She added that her pregnancy was “horrible” and was put on bed rest throughout most of her pregnancy because she had a shortened cervix and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

“I puked seven to 12 times a day, and then I peed my pants every time I puked. I popped blood vessels all around my eyes from every time I vomited, and if I moved slightly I would puke, so I couldn’t really walk to the bathroom.”

All she could eat was “toast and apples” and shared, “My husband gave me snacks all day long, and I ate horribly because I couldn’t eat anything else. Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudel really helped me!”

On the day she gave birth she explained, “They wanted me in the hospital for three months because the shortened cervix was slowly disappearing. Then I got a bladder infection and delivered that day.”

She had a C-section and shared, “They opened me up and Asher came out, then Oliver. I heard them cry and I looked over at Marshall to see what he was thinking. He looked at me and said, ‘It’s amazing.'”

However he then fainted and fell of his chair. When he awoke he began vomiting.

The new mom described the scene stating, “I was so nervous because I wanted to help him and I couldn’t do anything. So I just said, ‘You gotta get out of here!. He started crawling out of the operating room on all fours. He was fine. We’ll never forget that one because he videotaped the babies coming out, and right when they came out, boom! The camera stops.”

Asked if she wants more children- she says yes but not sure if she will use a surrogate one day. She says, “I kind of want maybe four more. I think it’s really amazing to have a big family. I’ve always wanted one.”

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  • Jesse

    OMG! That’s such an awful pregnancy! I feel so bad for her! But at least so far her babies are healthy. I know some pregnancies are just terrible.

  • Anabelle

    lol. Talk about oversharing!! x

    • Robin

      Speak for yourself. I was interrsted in reading her experience.

  • Kim

    I don’t think that in our age of innapropriate oversharing that this particular story is actually a case of “oversharing” at all. How refreshing for a celebrity who had a really difficult pregnancy & pre-term labor to actually be open and HONEST about the true circumstances!

    I totally understand if anyone would want to keep such details to themselves & within their families, however, 99.9% of the time, what we get instead is celebs who delivered very very early (Faith Hill with her youngest, Anna Paquin & Anna Faris all come to mind) having their reps totally lie and overcompensate by going on and on instead about how “happy” and “healthy” everyone is when both women reportedly each gave birth almost 3 full months early. (They often then back track later and reveal the truth.) No baby is “healthy” when born that prematurely 🙁 Why say anything at all if that’s the case, you know?

    • Ally

      Agreed, except I think that if a woman chooses to be personal about her pregnancy and childbirth, it’s not really like they’re lying about it. And if by not being personal they choose to be vague to keep the press from getting in their face while they cope (the celeb and paparazzi obsession with pregnant stars is immense and puts a ton of pressure on women), they have every right. Look at the Allmans – they didn’t announce their sons’ birth for almost four months so they could cope privately.

  • Kim

    *All three women-not “both”

  • meghan

    Man, she had a rough time! What a trooper!

  • SMH

    man if I had all that happen there def would be no more pregnancies. Glad the babies are thriving.
    My twin nephews were born 1lb 9oz and 1lb 11 oz but both left the hospital a little over 5lbs – wonder why the babies had to wait so long to leave. Maybe they had breathing problems which is very common in micro preemies.

  • Micaela

    I’m sorry to hear that. I lost twin boys last year because of an incompetent cervix at 20 and 21 weeks. But God has blessed me with another pregnancy and I have took extreme precautions this time. Glad the babies are alive and healthy. Wishing them the best!

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