Do Fergie’s Fans Have Bad Boundaries?

Pregnant Fergie visits an NGO in Cantagalo Hill, where she attends a dance presentation and spends some time with kids in Rio de Janeiro

HerScoopAlthough she looked gracious and grateful toward her adoring fans, do you think Fergie really enjoyed having her baby bump patted by passers by?

Do you think anyone enjoys having their burgeoning belly touched? Or is this an invasion of privacy and a sign of bad boundaries?

Our spinoff, HerScoop, is taking a look at 5 signs of poor boundaries. Can you relate to any of these signs? Head over to HerScoop and share your comments.

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  • A

    I have never been pregnant, but I’m sure I it would hate if a stranger just touched my belly.

  • Anonymous

    well there are a lot of classless idiots in this world.

  • SMH

    The only preggo belly l touched was my brothers gf when she was pregnant w my nephew & l really have no desire to touch anyone elses!

  • em

    Ahhh what a nightmare! Hard to say if they just did it, or she was like “yeah feel it it’s cool” but either way I would’ve freaked out! When I was pregnant with my Son I only let my Husband, my DR and a few women in my immediate family feel when they ASKED me. I would be terrified they’d get too rough and hurt me if I was Fergie! But lucky for me, no strangers felt my belly… I’m way too protective and that’s way too creepy..

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