Kim Kardashian Is Swept Away


Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian was seen meeting up with a friend for lunch at La Scala in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (May 29). Dressed in a loose-fitting and short striped maternity dress, Kim channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe and experienced a bit of a wardrobe malfunction when her outfit got caught up in the wind.

It seems the reality star has opted for maternity clothes now that she’s in the late stages of her pregnancy. On Tuesday, we saw Kim in another loose-fitting maternity dress.

“I am so excited! I can’t wait to see Kim as a mommy,” her sister Khloe Kardashian recently told Celebuzz. “I think the anticipation of seeing what the baby looks like . . . I just wanna know what they look like!”

She went on to talk about Kim’s pregnancy journey that will appear on season eight of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “I think it’s good for women to see the difference because [sister] Kourtney was like earth mother [Goddess] and so easy,” Khloe said of their big sister, “and Kim has had a different pregnancy.”

Throughout her first pregnancy, Kim has been criticized for her weight gain, which Khloe says is “hard for her.”

“She’s doing great besides the criticism she gets,” Khloe said. “Any woman at the end of their pregnancy, I think they’re just like, ‘I’m uncomfortable . . . I can sense it’s coming.'”

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  1. Jessica

    I hope she is trying to be as healthy as she can. Her legs and feet look extremely swollen and you can tell she gained tons of weight there. She needs to be careful of gestational diabeties and pre eclampsia. Both of which are higher risks when you gain more pregnancy weight then you should.

    • Amy

      Wow you must feel so cool, commenting on a pregnant lady’s weight. If she was constantly going to the gym and trying to lose weight, I’m sure you’d have a problem with that too.

      • Jessica

        Ha. Well she is gaining too much. When I was pregnant my dr have me a window of how much weight I should gain with a 5-10 pound leeway to go a little higher. It’s called eating healthy and portion control! Yes you cnt help gain weight while pregnant but you sure has hell gain limit the amount by portion sizing and healthier eating. Ms kardashian here is risking her and her baby’s life by getting too big! There’s. reason drs advise obese people not to have babies until they lose some weight and if they do get pg they shouldn’t gain a ton of weight during it because of the risk. I’m not cool by saying shes gaining too much, I’m actually concerned with her gaining too much!

        • Anonymous

          A) There is no rash of dead mommies and babies from the mommy gaining 50 pounds instead of 25.

          B) If you’re concerned about the weight gain of a complete stranger, you have issues. Try caring about people who are in real danger, ok?

    • Veep

      … doesn’t look like she’s “gained a ton of weight” to me. Her legs look toned, not flabby. And she is not tall, so a 10 pound gain on her will look like a 25 pound gain on a taller woman.

  2. Kate

    Good Lord! What is she doing to her face? She looks like she is made out of wax. And those lips are ridiculous, you’ll never convince me they are natural.

  3. Anonymous

    Made out of wax? LMAO!

  4. Stefanie

    Wow, first it happend to Duchess Kate now all of sudden Kims dress is also blown away by the wind.

  5. Sandy

    Wow, look at her feet. I can see her left foot is more swollen than the right foot. She needs to be careful with only a month or so to go. I remember those swollen feet days with my children too. I looked like I had telephone poles for ankles! LOL!

  6. This is a great photo, possibly the best since she announced her pregnancy.

  7. Bdel

    Her poor feet! Thank God I never had swelling, how uncomfortable. At least she seems to be wearing slightly more sensible shoes.

  8. Anonymous

    Real classy Kim real classy, shr really will do anything for attention.

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