Moroccan Cannon: Sleepin’ With Daddy

Mariah Carey expressed her joy of having husband Nick Cannon home. She tweeted on May 28, “Roc&Daa Daaaa sleepTing ! Yaayie Daddy’s home!”

Earlier that day he was in New York City being interview on the Today show.

Promoting America’s Got Talent and his new album he was asked about the name White People Party Music.

“White people know how to party!” he said. “I DJ a lot, I DJ all over of the world and in my DJ crates I label them all different things. And when it’s time to turn the party up, you put on that white people party music. That fist pump and all of that.”

On May 27 – Mariah posted a photo of Moroccan with one of their puppies. The singer recently asked fans to come up with names.

She tweeted: “Help name dem (sic) puppies!! 2 boys 1 girl use #namedempuppies… Top 3: Pow, Pip, Beau T. Ful! Please hurry! Puppies this cute need some names!!!!”

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  1. Anabelle

    “Roc&Daa Daaaa sleepTing ! Yaayie Daddy’s home!” Sounds more like an overexcited 14-year-old’s tweet than a grown woman with two kids! x

  2. Veep

    9 out of 10 pic posted of these twins have them in pajamas, in a darn bed, with lots of pillows!

  3. Nadine

    Ugh, another one of those “Look at us, we’re doing nothing” pictures. As if they are so special the world needs to see them sleeping. Get over yourselves.

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