Evan Rachel Wood: Pregnant Shopper

Pregnant actress Evan Rachel Wood shared a photo of herself on Tuesday (May 28) and wrote: “Just because ur pregnant, doesnt mean u have 2 give up ur tomboy roots. #wildfang #redshoes #knucklering #bracelet”

The 25-year-old is expecting her first child with English actor Jamie Bell.

Last month she told E! News that she was going to take a break to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

The A Case Of You star said, “This should be it for a while, and then I’m just gonna be sitting and cooking and waiting.”

Her co-star Justin Long – who was sitting with her on the interview – asked,  “Cooking your baby?”

“Cooking the baby, yeah. We’re gonna eat the baby,” the expectant mom quipped. “I’m gonna keep the placenta and eat the baby. If you think the placenta makes you feel good, just wait. I mean, this is like eternal life.”

In another interview Wood told The Huffington Post, “I was excited once I popped because it’s really something you can hold and be proud of.  It’s been a whirlwind roller coaster, it’s been amazing. [But] it’s not easy. I’ve been through the gamut of like fear and excitement, but now I’m very calm and very ready. I feel really good.”

She also shared, “I am designing the nursery right now. It’s going to have kind of like a Bohemian, Indian kind of theme to it. I figured I’m probably going to have to spend a lot of time in here — it’s not going to know what’s going on — so might as well.”

As for her pregnancy cravings, Wood admits they’ve been a little strange.

“I’ve been really tired and gone through different cravings, but nothing really weird has happened. Pickled onions may be the weirdest thing I’ve craved. Oh man, I couldn’t get enough pickled onions.”

Wood knows the sex of the baby but remains to keep that private.

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  1. Hey babe, love you like an acid trip, f**k Jamie right in the ear, we can eat your baby together in a passionate kiss, from my mouth to yours, you’re my vile of pills, Tigris xx

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