Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s STAR Daughters

Star couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck stepped out with their two daughters – Violet, 7, and Seraphina, 4 – in Culver City, Calif. on Saturday (June 1). Dressed in their best, the famous family enjoyed an outing at the STAR Eco Station Environmental Education and Exotic Wildlife Rescue Center.

Jen and Ben’s youngest child, 1-year-old son Samuel, was not spotted with them.

Jennifer is set to light up the big screen again later this year in The Dallas Buyer’s Club, costarring Matthew McConaughey.

And watch for Ben to next star in Runner, Runner, a crime drama thriller costarring Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Timberlake.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI


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  1. Anonymous

    Dressed in their best?

  2. sami

    They went to a birthday party. Jennifer is holding a gift and the girl are leaving with goody bags.

  3. Anonymous

    Who wears a suit and tie to a birthday party? SMH

  4. anonymous

    uh…probably because he’s going somewhere afterwards or has returned from an event where a suit was required. He’s not trying too hard….although maybe you should try harder to use what little brain you have.

    • TT

      Exactly. Other sites have pictures showing he arrived separately from Jen and the girls, (And then he left with Seraphina while Jen left with Violet) so clearly he was coming from a meeting or something where he needed to be dressed up and just went straight there without changing.

  5. Hopper

    This family is toooooo exposed! They should stay out of the spot light a little.Just to make them more interesting.Ughhhhhhh. I can’t stand them.

    • Angela

      you mean they should stop having a life? they’re people you know?

    • TT

      This was the first time their kids had been papped in almost a month so how are they over exposed? The SJP twins are over exposed. There is not a day that passes by that i don’t see new pictures of those twins on celebrity sites.

      • April

        So being in front cameras all the time equals having a life? I guess Matt damon, julia roberts, hugh jackman and more all dont have lives because they are not seen all the time.

        @ TT

        Ben and Jen kids were photograph last week and were photograph many times two weeks before that so where do you get they haven’t been photograph in over a month?

        But I do think SJS twins are also over exposed along with Ben and Jen kids.

        • Angela

          Being a family, taking your kids to sports, going to the grocery store or shopping or out to eat or taking your kids to school, just being out of the house is living! What do you think, they hire photographers to track their every move? How the hell do you expect them to stay out of the spotlight?

  6. may

    agreed about the SJP twins…also the Beckham family..they are always on dailymail site…everyday…and no one ever notice that like they do on the affleck family…

  7. TT

    lol at the fact that some crazy person spammed all the comments and thumbs downed them all from yesterday when they all had a high number of thumbs up. Ben and Jen trolls are crazy on every site, its so pathetic.

  8. Elektra

    Truth is a lot of the familys named as not be papped are due to fact that nobody is interested in them for the most part and actually the paps show no respect to the Affleck family (who are only photographed during things non-celebrity familys, ie shool pick-up and drops off, karate lessons, grocery shopping , dance classes etc) they are never posing and dressing for attention. Afflecks are merely trying to provide a normal every day existence for their kids and because they live so simple, it is easy and profitable for the paps to just camp outside their house and follow them (all day, based on photo it seems that is exactly what they do).

    The part I find so amazing is that the kids and the parents handle the invasion in stride, unless me, (I would have kicked some major ass) but unlike me, the Afflecks have more to loose and paps take unfair advantage of them.

    I don’t understand why some blame the celebs when in fact, the blame should be placed on the websites and photograph agencies. The smart thing to do if you get offended, just scroll past them and DON”T complain by comments they only adds to the continual stalking and guarantees more pics will be forthcoming.

    Sorry for the long posting but I see these same comments over and over again and just wanted to help those who have a problem with this issue. Thanks and God speed.

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