Elisabeth Röhm: It Was Liberating To Write ‘Baby Steps’ Book

The Client List’s Elisabeth Röhm – who raises 5-year-old Easton with fiancé Ron Anthony –  has a new book out called Baby Steps: Having the Child I Always Wanted (Just Not as I Expected). The book tells her story of learning about and accepting her infertility, the disappointment, the stress and the shame. The actress recently gave Celebrity Baby Scoop an exclusive interview on her written work.

CBS: Your book Baby Steps: Having the Child I Always Wanted (Just Not as I Expected) was released at the end of April. Please tell us about the book?

ER: Initially, I had no intention of writing a book that opened up about my struggles.  It came about as an extension of my blog, which I had been writing for two and a half years for People.com.  I had gained a lot of readers and discovered how many women truly related to me on various levels.  The book was written as a call to action for women to become aware and educated in regards to their own fertility.  More and more women desire to have it all – a career, a family, etc.  By encouraging a higher consciousness and awareness of potential fertility struggles, women become educated and therefore empowered.

CBS: What was it like to write about your struggle with infertility? Was it difficult or liberating?

ER: Being private as an actress up until this point, it was quite difficult to write a book about my life.  On the other hand, it was liberating to write about my IVF struggle.  Just knowing that there are other women dealing with the same issues allows a community to be formed.  Women feel empowered when they stand together.  Instead of propagating the idea of a “perfect” life, being open and candid about our struggles helps us to keep it real and find strength.

CBS: What is your best advice for those who are struggling with infertility?

ER: Do not live in fear.  Educate yourself and live a knowledgeable life.  Be your greatest advocate.  Along with your annual check-ups, mammograms, etc., start getting your ovarian and hormone levels checked at the age of 30.  If that’s all a woman can take away from my book, I’m happy.

CBS: You also recently joined the cast of the currently named Untitled David O. Russel Project. What is the film all about? It features quite the star-studded cast;  what was it like to work with Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Jeremy Renner?

ER: Working with David O. Russell was absolutely a dream come true.  The cast was extraordinary and so much fun to work with.  We had a great time filming and I look forward to seeing the final project, which I’m sure will be amazing because it’s in the hands of a genius.

CBS: What can fans expect to see in upcoming episodes of The Client List?

ER: I wrapped my character, “Taylor Berkhalter”, so I will not be in the upcoming episodes.  However, I can guarantee that you will see more of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s charm, beauty and sensuality!

CBS: How is your five-year-old daughter Easton doing? What is she into now?

ER: Easton is a girl’s girl and a boy’s boy.  She loves wearing dresses, having her hair and nails done, and playing with dolls; but she also loves to get rough and tumble.  She loves ballet, just being outside in nature, helping mom around the house, and recently she even asked to start playing soccer.

CBS: How do you keep a sense of normalcy for her with such a high profile career?

ER: It’s like everything in life when dealing with a child – it depends on how Mommy is acting.  If I start to behave abnormally, then Easton will know that something is wrong.  Life is about being grounded and centered.  One must always remember to say, “please” and “thank you”, as well as know the importance of family.  It’s the simple things that help children to remain strong and confident.

CBS: With Father’s Day around the corner, we have to ask, what makes your fiance a great dad?

ER: Easton is Ron’s top priority, and that is obvious.  He shows her plentiful love and affection, and it’s clear that everything he does is for her and our family.  She knows it as well, and I think that’s important.

CBS: Do you believe “women having it all” is unrealistic or is it attainable?

ER: I think that having a strong village makes it all attainable.  A woman’s life is a juggling act, especially when you’re a mom and have a career.  So having a good circle of friends is extremely helpful, whether it’s just for emotional support or the need for a last-minute babysitter.  In addition, I don’t think you should pressure yourself all at once.  Everything has its moment.

CBS: Do you have any fun plans for the summer? How do you avoid the “mommy I’m bored” syndrome?

ER: I plan ahead and make sure that at least 80% of her time is organized.  From beach camp to nature camp and gymnastics, Easton loves activities and being around her friends.  I’m sure I’ll be working for part of the summer, so planning ahead is very advantageous.

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