Giuliana Rancic On Her Two Loves, New-Mom Surprises

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Giuliana Rancic is one happy new mom and wife! The E! News co-anchor opened up about how being a parent has changed her “for the better” and how she is truly loving every moment of motherhood.

Motherhood is everything I’ve dreamed of and more,” Giuliana shared. “My husband and I can’t get enough of Duke. Being parents has changed both of us for the better and has made our love for each other stronger than ever.”

She also revealed that she’s had a few new-mom surprises!

“Well, there were a few messy diaper changes I wasn’t expecting! But I wasn’t expecting to handle everything that parenthood offers so smoothly,” the TV personality revealed. “Even though everyone says it—and you go into parenthood thinking you know it—I wish someone had really told me, ‘Enjoy sleeping while you still can!’ It was a big change, but it tapped into this maternal side of me that I’ve never seen. I am truly loving every moment!”

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  • OMG

    OMG – go and eat a pork pie or two. And you say you love your child ??? Soooo not.

  • Jenny

    Love her but she is looking deathly thin.

  • L

    Someone get this woman some food, stat.

  • Lynn in the South

    Her child needs a healthy, strong mother. I hope this woman’s desire to be thin as a rail isn’t hurting her health.

  • Doreen

    OMG…so if you are thin you can’t be a good mom?! Come on….

  • Tiffany

    Love Guiliana and she has never been a thick girl ever, she has always been thin if you ever seen the E! story about her and seen her pictures. Duke seems like a very happy little baby because he has two happy parents in a strong healthy relationship. They are a great family! Sad there are so many hatefilled people that cannot even say one nice thing about anyone. pathetic.

  • Heather

    Love Giuliana!! I cant wait for the new season to start!

  • Lulu

    She’s built like my sister who could out eat any man or woman I’ve known. Some people are just this thin naturally.

    • rachel

      I was the mother of three seven pound children and I WAS SKINNIER THAN GIULIANA RANCIC!!!!

  • Jenny Kay

    Thin and extremely thin are two different things. She looks like she is in a concentration camp.

  • pop-pop

    food is obviously not one of her loves

  • Lynn in the South

    Hate? When did being concerned about someone’s health become hate? I lost a parent when I was young to bad health. I also didn’t say she was a bad mother.

  • Noinin

    She is too thin. People who are naturally skinny don’t look like that. And she clearly has some issues – we are talking about a woman who underwent a huge number of fertility treatments because she refused to gain the five pounds she needed to be able to ovulate again. That doesn’t mean she is a bad mom, but I think she her face would be more beautiful if it was fuller.

  • v-girl

    She’s a walking skeleton, such a shame. Women are supposed to have soft curves. She would be much healthier with 20 pounds on her.

  • rachel

    I am the mother of three 7lbs babies and I was skinnier than Giuliana up until I turned 42 years old. I am only a size 8 now and can still out eat a football team!!! So it is not about whether or not you eat. Some of us just don’t gain weight!!! Large or small, it is not nice to hassle folks about their weight!!! It hurts.

  • Annie

    She is so hard to look at!,
    Her head is way too big for her extremely unattractive thin body.
    I always wonder if woman like that, think they actually look good!

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