Paris Jackson Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

Troubling news to report. Paris Jackson has been hospitalized following an apparent suicide attempt.

The 15-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital from her Calabasas, Calif., family home early Wednesday morning, her biological mother Debbie Rowe tells Entertainment Tonight.

Paris has had “a lot going on,” Debbie says.

Although it’s bad news, the teen is expected to recover fully.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department tells PEOPLE that paramedics responded to a 911 call at 1:27 a.m. “regarding a possible overdose.”

And TMZ reports that the caller had cut wrists.

Early Wednesday morning, Paris took to Twitter with a line from The Beatles’ hit song, Yesterday.

“Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they’re here to stay,” she wrote.

Last month, we saw Paris spending time with her biological mother.

They have rekindled their relationship over the past few months, reconnecting at Debbie’s horse ranch.

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  1. zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Oh dear Lord, this poor child. I hope she’s okay and gets the help she needs.

  2. Jessica

    What’s the first thing you do as a mother when your child tries to kill themselves… Run to entertainment weekly to spill the juicy details. Sick lady!! Keep your daughters issues private! Shes obviously very fragile right now.

  3. Alyson

    Best thing Michael did for those kids was keep their identities hidden. Now they are followed everywhere and ridiculed. Alot for a teen to deal with.

    • coco

      Well, it doesn’t really look like Michael’s methods worked, sadly. Keeping their identities hidden with masks didn’t make them have a normal childhood.
      It must be hard to be in their situation, their late father was a very controversial public figure, with evident psychological issues on his own, an absent mother and Hollywood, which is just eating all those children who absolutely want to act like adults even if they are not…

      • MadX

        You have absolutely no idea how their childhood was.

      • Ashley

        Paris herself said that she appreciated the masks as she got older…she now understands why he did it. The children have all spoken highly of their father. Now what has happened since his death?

        They were thrust into the public eye. They were signing their names to belts to make money for the family, they were paraded out at events on the red carpet, put out there to promote energy drinks, their grandmother was essentially KIDNAPPED and kept from them for 10 days. I’m now reading that Paris’ troubles really started around that point. Imagine how scary it would be for your only guardian and parental figure to be taken away from you and kept away so that you may not be able to talk to them?

        I think Michael did a fantastic job with his children. It’s only been AFTER his death that the trouble has really started. I pray that Paris recovers quickly.

        • coco

          We don’t know if he did a fantastic job or not, we are not in their lives. Let’s just say that he obviously had some issues on his own, so I’m kind of not surprised that his daughter (among all of the other difficulties, such as losing him, growing up in Hollywood) is a complicated child.
          I hope she gets better!

  4. andy

    There is no hope for any of these kids. The whole family is screwed up.

  5. Sam

    Prince seems okay. I think Paris may be a bit of a drama queen and a little difficult to handle. Why on earth would her bio mom who had no contact with them growing up announce to the entire world Paris’ problems??? This will make everything worse for her.

    • coco

      Honestly I’d say: take everything with a grain of salt.
      Not everything magazines say is true or accurate. We don’t really know how things happened: maybe the mother was ambushed by paparazzi, or the press, and she doesn’t know how to handle it and spilled everything without realizing.

    • Chewbacca

      Her mum sold her for money. And her father is accused yet again to be a paedophile. How dare she have trouble dealing with her situation! Such a drama queen, indeed…

    • Anonymous

      A drama queen? She’s a teenage girl struggling with the death of her father, being in the public eye, and that completely dysfunctional family of hers. Cut the girl some slack!! Drama queen? Hardly..

    • Ashley

      I’m very tired of reading these reports of Paris being attention seeking and a drama queen. Taking a meat cleaver to your arm IS a cry for attention, but not in the way people are trying to spin it. I’ve read on TMZ that SCHOOL officials are saying that Paris wasn’t bullied and that she only claimed she was for attention. How appropriate is that? NOT AT ALL. People are acting as if the child had a huge temper tantrum, when in fact, it goes deeper than that. She tried to take her own life. She needs attention all right, and I hope that she’s finally getting the proper attention for her mental and emotional health. Get well soon, Paris!

  6. SMH

    “When you think your not happy with your life, always think that someone is happy, simply because YOU exist”

  7. Anonymous

    I’ll bet Ms. Rowe’s terrified of loosing paris’ money. Since Michaels’s gone, and she’s already extorted Mrs. Jackson for money, she now needs to get her money directly form her” Meal Tticket” Paris

    . I wonder IF she has talked Paris into “faking” a suicide attempt in order to gain custody of her so that SHE can get control of Paris’ inheritence!!! She sure as hell went to the media as fast as should could, to get ahead of this story. In the past she has stayed out of the limelight….. that is until she needed more MONEY from Michael. She would threaten to take Paris, then back off when Michael gave her more MONEY.

    DEBBIE ROW IS AN UNCONTIONABLE BLOATED ” S O W ” !! Iv’e alwasy thought that the Jackson’s were whack-jobs, but they pale in comparison to this MINION OF SATAN HIMSELF! Let’s hope that Paris hasn’t inherited too much of her mothe’s devious ways. She does show signs though.

    May GOD bless this young child with mentally sound guardians…… SOON.

    • Anonymous

      It’s pretty disgusting that you would post this fantasy of yours. These are PEOPLE, not fictional characters that you’re writing a FanFic about. Grow up and learn to be pleasant and empathetic. It just might change your life.

      • Ashley

        I think that’s part of the problem. People act as if these are not humans; as if they have no emotion or soul. This is a 15 year old girl who is on the Internet a lot. I’m sure she’s read some AWFUL things that people have said about her father…and about HER. Even to someone who is completely confident in themselves, that would be hard to read. I feel for her. I really do.

  8. Jj

    Poor girl. She’s been throuh so much 🙁

  9. SMH

    I think Paris needs to step away from social media. There are too many cruel ignorant people in this world and I think that she probably exposes herself to too much hatred. Not to mention having to get ready to testify in court on behalf of your father it can’t be easy. Someone needs to take control of this child and get her help before it’s too late. Hopefully now someone will bc I’ve been down this depressed road and as a young girl you think it’s truly the only way out. But as you age you realize life is worth fighting for and people do care when you think that they don’t.

    • coco

      Guys, the thing is that Hollywood and all of that do just wrong to young kids.
      Is it that difficult to understand? It’s all the environment which is unhealthy: they should just maybe go live in a place without paparazzi, where they can live anonymously, with someone who really take care of them and have a normal adolescence.
      I see all of those kids who are growing up in the limelight and being treated like adults and it just doesn’t seem right to me. The Jenners, the Smiths, for example… Is it normal that a 14 year old gets Balenciaga bags and for middle school graduation, or something like that? No. I’m not money-shaming, but all of this is sick.

  10. Me

    You have to take a step back and think, “could Debbie Rowe going to the media be a rumor as well?” If you think about it, people are thinking, “wow! It must be real if she’s confirming it!” (The media would sound like they have the “real” story with a headline like that) I personally find it hard to believe that she would do that- I hope it’s a rumor. What a terrible thing she has down to her own daughter if she really did. I’m going to sit here and think that it is a rumor. I hope she has more respect for her own child. I hope Paris gets the help she needs– she is crying for it!

  11. Max

    This girl has been trying to grow up too fast. She needs a firm but lovable adult to put her in place. She should be a teenager.

    • Ashley

      And she had that when Michael was here. He was strict but loving. He didn’t spoil them too much, but he let them be kids. They had friends, they played with other children, they seemed so happy. I think Katherine was afraid to discipline them after Michael’s death, and at some point, she was too caught up in her own grief to notice her grandchildren’s grief.

      I remember in the EVENT magazine interview they did with Paris a couple months ago, it was mentioned that Katherine asked Paris to take down the collage of Michael’s pictures she had on her wall. Something to the tune of it wasn’t healthy or something.

      I think Paris is still deeply grieving for her father…and she should be able to grieve him in her own way…collages of his pictures and all.

  12. Chewbacca

    So much for the “MJ did a fine job raising them” and “they are so well-adjusted kids”.

    • SMH

      Lets say he did the best he could just like any good parent tries to do. I doubt he was perfect & l bet he struggled w how to raise them & which was the best way. But when he died those kids were 7, 11 and 12 and we never heard from them but after they were thrust into the media. I blame it on the jackson family. Who was watching these kids and not respecting mj wishes? His mother may have gaurdianship but lets face it she is too old to realize anything and she was brainwashed by Joe as her own kids grew up. There are tons of people who surround these kids but not one seemed to take the time to say enough is enough!

      • Anonymous

        i wonder IF Rebe Jackson would’ve made a better choice. At least she has done a better job with her own kids and stays out of the limelight.

        I thought that it was ridiculous for Kathraine Jackson to get custody. She’s way too old and her job as a parent is highly questionable.

        The kids would’ve been much better off if Diana Ross was their guardian. She’s not a relative, (and neighter are the Jacksons) but she has done a WONDERFUL job with her own 5 children who’ve grown into very well mannered, educated, and successful adults. And 2 of which are also wonderful parents to her grand children. It’s worth a try at least.


        What do you guys think?

    • Anonymous

      So you think her mother can do better? I’m sure that if you give her enough money, she’ll give it a whirl.

    • meghan

      Good parents have depressed children. Try getting a clue before posting again!

      • Chewbacca

        Oh, excuse-me! Did I say something that might hint that maybe MJ was not a saint and the best father the Earth has ever known?
        Let me refresh your memory, darling: he was accused of molesting children so many times that I lost count. By his own admission, he liked to be in bed with young children (but “just to watch TV”) which is not weird at all. Because all this, he couldn’t adopt as nobody would have allowed him to do so. He found a “mother” which is nothing more than a womb for rent. The entire in-law family is a bunch of wackos. Now those poor kids are alone with no guidance and enough money to make any sane person turns complete insane. So please, don’t tell me it’s has anything to do with “good parents” having depressed kids.There are no “good parents” in this sad story. That’s the point.

    • Ashley

      Michael hasn’t been raising them for the past 4 years. You cannot blame Michael on this.

  13. serena

    Overdose? I think it’s unlikely. This poor girl has really a lot going on, she can’t trust anyone aside from her brothers. Not even her biological mom that sell her suicide attempt- story to gain money… and the Jackson family is even worse… I’m really worried about MJ kids, I just hope that Prince grow up soon and take cares of the two littlest ones, they need to go away from them and start a new life.

    • Anonymous

      Me Tarzan, you Jane………… “I just hope that Prince grow up soon and take cares of the two littlest ones” ……?????? Huh? prince is one year oldler, and he also needs proper guardianship! What they need is to be taken away from both, the Jackson’s and Ms. Rowe, and placed in an appropriate living situation with competent gurardians. However, I doubt that the kids (especially Prince and Paris due to their ages) would want to be placed with a normal family that has NO conection to show business and would prohibit their participation in anything public related. They’re very young, but they seem to REALLY LOVE all of the publicity they’re getting. They really, really, really love it! And there’s no going back now.

      I strongly belive that Ms. Rowe is behind this Paris suicide attempt situation, and has orchestrated a plan to gain custody of Paris and any financial windfalls that come with her.

      It sickens me to read so many comments about how Paris’ new found relationship with her mother is a good thing for her. Unbelievable! The woman SOLD her child, at least 5 times over in 15 short years! She has extorted MJ and his elderly mother just a couple of years ago.

      Every so often she rears her ugly head when she runs through any of the monies that she cashed in on when she SOLD her daughter! She threatens to gain visitaion or custody rights, then walks away with bushels of CASH, then quickly drops those loving motherly desires to be with her daughter, then goes back to what she does best. Indulge in food and her own selfish whims. The woman/sow is despicable!! She should be banned from Paris until she’s a legal adult. After that, it should be Paris’ choice and not before.

      Paris IS still an innocent minor, but she’s also guilty of being very willful and rebelious when it comes to her getting her own way, especially when it comes to being in the spotlight. Again, she’s an innocent kid, but she’s also manipulative just like her mother.

      This will not end well. May GOD bless all three of those young innocent kids.
      Where’s Diana Ross when we need her?!

  14. anon

    Michael Jackson bought those children to be his pets and then really messed them up by making them live in his fantasy world without their mothers. This is a white girl purchased by a black freak who had serious drug problems and all kinds of issues. He should have been investigated and have the children taken away from him when he was alive. Sorry excuse for a father. If she is suffering it is because of him. Of course she is going to praise because she doesn’t know any better. This narcissistic loser had those kids worshiping him like he was a god and paid their mothers to stay away. No wonder she is calling out for help. She doesn’t even know who she is. She must realize she is not even his daughter. Must be hard.

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