Kim Zolciak Expecting Baby No. 5

Congratulations are in order for Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann.

Just nine months after giving birth to their second child, the reality star, 35, is pregnant again with baby No. 5, In Touch reports.

“Kim and Kroy are so excited to be pregnant again,” a close friend to the couple tells the mag.

And on May 27, Kim debuted her baby bump during a beach getaway. “She’s been trying to keep it quiet — she didn’t realize she’s showing as much as she is,” the source adds.

The star, who has two daughters — Brielle, 16, and Ariana, 11— from a previous relationship, and two sons by Kroy – Kroy Jr., 2, and Kash Kade, 9 months — has been open about wanting to expand their family, but the source admits, “They didn’t plan it, but they’re thrilled.”

“I would like to try for a little girl,” Kim admitted in December.

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Photo credit: In Touch

  • Someone

    Holy crap lady!

  • denise

    God bless her. Don’t know if I could do it again so soon. But, best wishes to all of them.

  • Anonymous

    With every kid, she gets more $$$$ and the house after the divorce. Kim’s just securing her future. Afterall, a mediocre footballer’s career can be very short. And she’s not getting any younger.

  • Megan

    I just have to laugh that they call her a “star”…seriously?

  • Jennifer

    She needs to settle down. Geez.

  • jmama

    I watch her show on Bravo (guilty pleasure!) and one of the things she talks about in almost every episode is how much they want another baby. Kim says she doesn’t want to have another baby during football season, so she has to get pregnant in April/May/June/July (something like that). Anyway, in one of the episodes (likely filmed last November) they are consulting their doctor about birth control and decided on some uterine implant thing. So they can’t act like this was a surprise. It was definitely very well planned!!

    • Anonymous

      Where did they say they were surprised? Learn to read.

      • Anonymous

        but the source admits, “They didn’t plan it, but they’re thrilled

        You need to learn to read.

        • InTouch

          “They didn’t plan it” does not mean they’re claiming to be SURPRISED. Idiot.

    • Lizzie

      I just caught up on all of the episodes the other night. I’m happy for them! They could very well have more too.

  • Sarah

    Please stop breeding.

  • cb

    she never heard of birth control ?

  • Sandy

    Holy crap woman, keep your legs closed and stop having kids!

  • Jen

    One word: condoms. Use them already!

  • Isabel

    Yikes. That’s safe.

  • Sophia

    Sheesh! She needs to give her poor body a break! 3 babies in 3 years is pretty full-on…. but if that’s what she wants then good for her I guess. Wonder what they’ll name the baby….. maybe “Kix” or “Kub”….

  • Andrea

    well stop bashing her already. all children are blessings from god.

  • Jennifer

    She would like to ‘try’ for a girl…..doesn’t she already have 2 daughters?

  • Amy

    Frightening thing is that she was also pictured on this trip smoking constantly and around her small children. If she is pregnant, shame on her.

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