20 Celebs Show Their Third-Trimester Style



From our friends at PopSugar Moms! by Kate Stahl.

I’ve had in-depth pregnancy conversations with dozens of women, but I’ve yet to meet a single one who felt totally gorgeous in her third trimester. Swollen and uncomfortable? Absolutely. Chic and lovely? Not so much. But the following 20 celebs, all photographed during the last weeks of their pregnancies, prove that the third trimester can be beautiful. If Jennifer Lopez can look that good at Fashion Week two weeks before giving birth to twins, maybe there’s hope for us all!

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  • Suzanne

    She looks like Octomom in the face.

  • Annie

    Is that her belly button showing through her shirt? This blouse could not be uglier,

  • Doreen

    She looks beautiful. I wanna see you when you are pregnant…what the hell is wrong with you!

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