Helen Slater: “The Worry Comes And Goes”

Renowned actress and singer-songwriter Helen Slater stars in the Lifetime Original Movie The Good Mother, premiering this Saturday, June 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime. The mom-of-one plays a woman suffering from Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, a rare form of child abuse involving the fabrication of an illness or symptoms by a caregiver.

Helen Slater opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about playing a mother who’s “an emotional powder keg,” how she feels about her daughter, Hannah, 17, graduating high school and leaving the nest, and the joys/challenges of motherhood.

CBS: Tell us about your upcoming Lifetime movie, The Good Mother. We hear the movie is about child abuse. Please tell us about the movie and your role.

HS: “In The Good Mother, I got the chance to play a mother who’s an emotional powder keg but tries to be sweet and perfect to the outside world. The role was so much fun! I got  to do a part that was so different from myself, had so much range, and was deeply satisfying. Aside from an acting part, where else would I get to rage and throw fits?” [laughs]

CBS: Tell us about your 17-year-old daughter Hannah. We hear she is graduating from high school this week! Is she excited? Are you? What are her plans after high school?

HS: “Raising a daughter has been a beautiful chapter in my life. The graduating thing coinciding with hormone changes is kind of unconscionable on the part of the universe, God, or the Great Mother, but so it goes.”

CBS: Are you worried about Hannah leaving the nest? Do you think you’ll be lonely?

HS: “The worry comes and goes. I’m mostly feeling grateful for the moments when we are still doing things together. Even little things, like errands, become precious.”

CBS: What are the greatest joys of motherhood? Biggest challenges?

HS: “The greatest joy of motherhood is seeing my daughter as her vibrant, radiant self. The biggest challenges of motherhood are not saying too much and allowing my daughter to have her own experience.”

CBS: With Father’s Day around the corner, we have to ask what makes your hubby a great dad?

HS: “His devotion to the family, sense of humor, and kind nature. It helps that he’s from Iowa City.” [laughs]

CBS: What are your upcoming summer plans?

HS: “I’m making my fourth CD, Greek Mythology for Children. It will be an audio book with music!”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

HS: “I just completed two films; A Remarkable Life with Daphne Zuniga and The Curse of Downers Grove with Bella Heathcote.”

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