Usher & His Boys: On ‘The Voice’ Set

Usher’s kids Usher Raymond V, 5, and Naviyd, 4, visited the set of The Voice recently.

The Voice coach wrote: “Look who came and eventually took over the chair….#minime’s #thevoice My left and right brain”

It was a good week for contestant Michelle Chamuel because Usher got Taylor Swift to help with the mentoring.

Speaking to Extra’s Renee Bargh he explained  “Taylor happens to be a friend of the family’s. She came to Atlanta and hits me up, ‘Hey, I want you to come down to the Phillips Arena and perform with me’ [which Usher did]. It paid off to do that that day.”

He added that Swift happened to be next door when they were preparing with Chamuel stating, “It was destined to happen.”

On this coming Monday’s show – he’ll be on stage performing his new single Twisted.

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  1. Sphinx

    I know this is a repetion of the other comments, but my word! Usher has some beautiful boys.

  2. Jenn

    One of the boys really looks like his mom and the other like Usher

  3. missme?

    the beautiful boys he took from a grieving mother.

    • Amy

      I’m stating the obvious here, but the court battle began A LONG TIME before their brother passed away. I cannot imagine the pain that their mother felt (and still feels) from having one of her children pass away.. I hope I never know that pain. But losing one child, does not mean that these two should be left in her care as a sign of sympathy. I don’t know the deciding factors in the custody case, and I don’t need to – but the boys look very well taken care of and happy. Considering what their mother has been through – the boys being with their father might be the best thing for them. It allows her the time necessary to seek help and guidance in grieving for her baby boy. These boys are both so young – they need to know about death eventually, as it is a part of life, but seeing their mother falling apart would not be good for them.

      Also – he didn’t “take” them away from her. He is their father. They are just as much his as they are hers.

  4. tinisha tyler

    usher is good dad and a person he need let go grace she not for him she been marry two time and got older kids she gold digger he need chilli she still love him they are soul mate grace hide lot of things I read about her she slept with few men with money so she fake ass hell usher plz. don’t get play by this old ass lady who want be young she ugly ass hell work out with chilli she pretty and she will be good for your cute son
    grace is like a pittbull ready get what she can from you usher let go boo she the one chilli is go get your baby chilli ok usher

  5. Anabelle

    I don’t know which one’s which, but the boy on the left in the bottom photo is the spitting image of his dad!

  6. Nay

    Honestly I love Usher, so I definitely love he has produced! I am very confused though, as to why they named the one who looks nothing like him but their mother Usher V… and the second one Naviyd …. I think it should be the other way around, but oh well.

  7. Anonymous

    nice cool and they look a lot like you their so adorably cute very photogenic like their father and has their precious good looks from their dad

  8. Ressi

    Oh My God! They are so adorable!!! Usher you are blessed with those two beautiful boys! #sosweet

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