Jennie Garth: Weekend With Family

Jennie Garth has shared new photos of her daughters Luca, nearly 16, Fiona, 6, and Lola, 10.  Over the weekend the actress had company over and posted snapshots of her girls with their cousins.

On June 7 she wrote: “Fiona loves baby Jackson @lizzey_lou”

Last week she showed off one of Luca heading to the prom and said, “The eyes of an angel #getgatsby #prom #beautifullight @lucafacinelli”

Garth now blogs for

She recently wrote that she’s not into wearing expensive clothes 24/7 stating, “I honestly don’t know how some of my fellow celebrities—with their $325 jeans and $325,000 cars—can sleep with themselves at night. Their spending is so over the top that I find them ridiculous. That may sound kind of harsh, but honestly, there’s no other word for it.

“Don’t get me wrong: I’m a huge fan of fashion. I appreciate really nice bags, clothes and shoes, but I guess I appreciate them in the same way I appreciate Picassos hanging in a museum. As pieces, they’re beautiful, but that doesn’t mean I need to own them in order to enjoy them or feel inspired by them. Besides, with three kids at home, I’d be terrified to wear such expensive clothes, given the fact that by the end of any day, I’m often covered in tiny little mystery stains.”

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