Shanna Moakler & Her American Girl

Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler and her 7-year-old daughter Alabama were spotted at The Grove in West Hollywood, Calif. on Thursday (June 6). The mother-daughter duo did a bit of retail therapy at the American Girl store.

When caught recently by TMZ’s cameras, the mother-of-three, 38, shared her thoughts on breastfeeding. “I just look at my breasts as like sexual, and I think it’s like incestual. It’s gross. I don’t like it.”

She added: “I was selfish…I couldn’t do it.”

Later via Twitter, Shanna wrote, “You know what I love about America. we are all free to have different opinions and what’s good for you may not be for another.”

She went on to say, “If You choose to breast feed I think that’s wonderful and I celebrate the women who can do it and choose too. It was NOT for me.”

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  1. Tiffany

    What? No militant breast feeders have posted any comments yet?

  2. Isabel

    Why would the subject even come up? How odd.

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