Kate Middleton’s Blue Carpet Bump

Following in the royal footsteps of Queen Elizabeth II and her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, made an appearance in Southampton, England, on Thursday (June 13) to name Princess Cruises’ latest ship, the Royal Princess.

The radiant mum-to-be, 31, walked the blue carpet in a $265 dalmatian print coat by Hobbs, accessorized with a black fascinator.

Reportedly due to give birth on July 11, this event will be the final solo engagement for the Duchess of Cambridge before her maternity leave. Her royal hubby, Prince William, accompanied her earlier this month at an event in London.

Upon her arrival, the radiant royal shook hands with officials and reps from the cruise line. After a performance of Pocketful of Sunshine by singer Natasha Bedingfield, Kate met two young children.

The royal mum-to-be later walked to a podium where she smashed a bottle of Moet et Chandon champagne against the hull of the Royal Princess.

The posh cruise ship boasts a games room, a casino, a spa, a 28-foot glass-bottomed viewing gallery, 10 restaurants and 1,780 luxury staterooms.

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  • stella

    Don’t you have to have a job before going on “maternity leave”?? All this woman seems capable of is shopping, going on holiday and attending the occasional event like this which only seems to require smiling for the cameras and feigning interest.

    • Marie

      I work for Princess Cruises in Santa Clarita and we always have someone special/celebrity “christen” the new ships before they go on their maiden voyage. Because Princess Diana did it on the original Royal Princess they always wanted Kate to do it too. She is doing Princess Cruises a favor and, hopefully, trying to honor her late mother in law as well. I don’t think she deserves to be criticized, at least not for this.

  • sandie

    Kate’s name and “maternity leave” don’t belong in the same sentence. Unlike certain other royals like Princess Anne and Sophie Wessex who work hard and do it without a lot of fanfare, Kate is lazy and lacks a work ethic.

  • anon.

    What, no comments on hair, clothes and make up? What is this world coming to?

  • Diane

    I think Kate is lovely. She is a radiant young women about to have a baby. She carries herself beautifully and is an asset to the Royal Family. She is 8 months pregnant and there is no reason for her to have lots of events to go to. Her job is to be a princess and she is doing that well.

  • sally

    Why all the negativity? I certainly wouldn’t want to be her! Imagine the scrutiny and nitpicking about her every move, eek it would be terrible!
    I’m sure as she grows into her roll she will do more, lets give her some time.

  • Bettie

    I am getting anoyed by the fact that she has been married for over 2 years and people still call her Kate Middleton. Her title is Duchess of Cambridge, wether you like it or not. You also don’t call other female celebs by their maiden name. It’s disrespectful to the fullest. William choose to marry her and made her a full part of the royal family. She is expecting his kid and media is still acting like she is just some gf or baby mama.

    • Tula

      I don’t understand it either. This site refuses to admit that she married William. They also can’t mention Blue Carter without calling her Blue Ivy, even though they don’t call any other celebrity child by both their first and middle names.

      • cait

        Boo hoo!! If that’s all you have to complain about I think the site is doing an awesome job. If you don’t, simply look elsewhere and stop the bellyaching.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, they use the middle names of LOTS of kids. They don’t do it for ALL of them, though, which is why it really looks weird.

  • Bettie

    Earlier today I wrote a comment that I am anoyed that media is still calling her Kate Middleton and of course my comment disappeared.

  • tee

    They make money for doing nothing. All they do is visit different places, wear new hats of all sorts of weird looking shapes, wear gowns, tuxedos…etc. and smile and wave! There is a recession and people like this have over nine palaces, lots of yachts… The only fools are people who still worship they royal family, donate money for farces like the queen’s different jubilees and sing ‘God save the queen’ like they do not matter! They traveled and conquered most of the world during the shameless years of imperialism, pioneering democracy without removing the humongous ‘log’ in their eyes, that is, their monarchy.

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