Ben Affleck: Raising Kids Is The Greatest Thing In My Life

With Father’s Day upon us, let’s hear from one of our favorite celebrity dads.

When chatting with Us at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television Film Festival on Thursday, Oscar winner Ben Affleck opened up about his biggest role to date: fatherhood.

The Argo star and his wife, fellow actor Jennifer Garner, are busy parents to three kids: daughters Violet, 7, Seraphina, 4, and son Samuel, 15 months.

“They’re sweet,” he said of their brood. “It’s great. Raising kids is the greatest thing I think a person, or at least I, could ever do in my life. I know what the best part of my life is and it’s my kids and it doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that aren’t great, but I know sort of what the center is.”

The Academy Award winner is taking a break from showbiz this summer as his lovely wife dives into a few roles.

“For me, I’ve discovered that I work best with having a kind of balance in my life,” he shared. “I work really, really hard. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want to do anything for a living if I can’t really work hard at it, work 18 hour days and be completely dedicated and also feel like you have to be invested and work on your family.”

And he went on to say that family always comes first.

“If you’re not working on spending time with your kids, then why’d you have a family to begin with? At least, if you’re able to,” he continued. “Some folks can’t even, don’t have that time. So I’m trying to do both and you know, just figuring it out as it comes. I certainly don’t pretend to have all the answers.”

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  1. anonymous

    I wonder if he’ll be around to see them grow up. He might get lung cancer or heart disease from his cigarettes.

  2. Isabella

    That’s because he was smart enough to marry the right Jennifer. Garner is a wonderful lovely woman I know Ben feels extremely blessed.

  3. Koda

    Oh look, another Affleck/Garner post that has been attacked by trolls. What a sad life you live that i can look at it 5 minutes ago and Isabella’s post had a +10 and Anonymous had a -10 and suddenly Isabella now has a -15 while Anonymous has a +8. I suggest getting a life, because the one you’re living now is quite pathetic.

    • @ Koda

      Shouldn’t you get a life as well since your the one keeping trace of who had what.

      Do you know how many people vist this site? I posted a comment on the kim K post and from the time it took my page to refresh the comments went from 6 to 16 in less then a minuet which had nothing to do with trolls.

      Thier a option for thumbs up and thumbs down for a reason, for people decided whether or not they agree/disagree with the comment. Is it really hard for you to believe that people think Isabella’s comment was nasty? I’m no a JLO fan but Isabella’s comment was plain plain rude and on called for.

  4. Elektra

    To quote his wife “He’s a great dad”. Love the Afflecks! Happy fathers’ day to all the dads;(deceased and living) granddads, uncles, Godfathers, future dads, and all of the positive male role models on the planet.

  5. Lynn

    Am I wrong or did I not read where Ben Affleck quit smoking?

  6. Anonymous

    He did NOT quit smoking. There is a picture of him just last week driving that ugly red car of his smoking a cigarette the same day he picked up the oldest kid from school. It’s on X-17 site. Check it out for yourself.

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