Channing Tatum: Introducing Everly!

Channing Tatum shared an adorable photo of his baby girl Everly on Father’s Day (June 16).

Cradling the newborn while Jenna Dewan-Tatum looks on – he writes on Facebook: “First Father’s Day with my girls.”

Jenna, 32, posted the same photo on her own Facebook page, writing, “First Father’s Day with our lil angel!”

The pair – who make their home in California – welcomed Everly in London on May 31.

“We’re going to actually have the baby in London while I’m shooting, and then there will be no downtime whatsoever after that,” Channing said about filming Jupiter Ascending in the UK.

Soon after the birth Jenna tweeted on June 7: “Thank you everyone for all the loving messages! Chan, myself and Everly are happy as can be and appreciate them all”

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Photo credit: Facebook

  • Anonymous

    What a lovely family photo. Their baby is beautiful.

  • Emily

    Oh Everly is just so precious!! Such a beautiful family photo 🙂 x

  • Zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    The baby is beautiful…so far she looks like daddy.

    • Anonymous

      Funny, I was thinking “wow, she looks just like her mom already” 🙂

  • musiclover

    There is just something so sweet about seeing a daddy with his little girl! The baby is precious! Congrats to them 🙂

  • Someone

    Their little girl is gorgeous! I think she looks like Daddy too, so far anyway. Love how Jenna is flashing nursing boobies…I could never *hide* those either lol

  • Such a beautiful baby! I don’t know really who she looks like, maybe her dad.

  • sally

    Such a lovely way to release a photo! Everly is gorgeous!

  • Mia

    Awwww, how precious! My heart just melted 🙂

  • tee

    Precious family pic…very cute. But the baby is not ”gorgeous” or ”beautiful,” at least not now. She is just a normal, plain baby. No need to lie to yourselves.

    • Anonymous

      Why is it that you find the need to come to so many posts and say such unpleasant things? Are you that unhappy in your life that you find the need to come on here just to ruin what had been a string of lovely comments about a happy new family and their new baby (who is indeed very beautiful)?

      Keep in mind that you shouldn’t lie to yourself and think that precursing your negative comment with something polite makes what you say any less rude.

      • tee

        It’s funny how some people refer to truthful comments as ‘negative.’ Get over yourself and put on reality’s spectacles. Not every baby is beautiful, some are average- like this one- and some are ugly. If my previous comment was a negative one, then you need to get out of la-la land. While the pic is precious, the baby is not ‘gorgeous’ or ‘beautiful,’ just like Blue-Ivy and the Sandler girls. The world is not perfect- too bad.

        • Someone

          I think you should post a pic of yourself or your kids so we can pick you apart. Love to see how you’d like it!

        • lee

          Who are you to tell me what I think. I Trully think she is gorgeous.

          And when I find a baby average, I just don’t feel like I have to share it to the world, I just say “Congrats” . And if I don’t feel like congratulate them, I just don’t say anything.

          Seriously, what kind of person are you to feel entitled to say something negative about a child and not even being ashamed. There is a difference between thinking something and saying something…

          And in my eyes, that little girl is particularly beautiful.

        • Lulu1

          Why couldn’t you have simply left your comment at “Precious family pic…very cute.”? Why do you feel the need to be rude?

        • Lemongrass

          Oh please. Leave that B.S. right at the door. You are one of the people on this site that can always be counted on for their fabulous unpleasantries.

          Your words come across as someone who isn’t happy unless they are trying to make someone else unhappy.

      • tee

        I am really unhappy with my life. I never knew my Dad and my mom had inappropriate relationships with men when I was growing up. I am 30 lbs overweight and dont have any love in my life. I am all alone and come on these blogs and write negative comments to make myself feel better.

  • Lisa

    Oh my they are such a beautiful family! Everly is one lucky baby, I can’t wait to see more of them. And her little dress is just adorable.

  • tee

    I’ve been made famous. Yallz can always count on me to give “fabulous unpleasantries” such as the average plainess of the baby above, not so cute Muniz twins, Sandler girls etc., that are grounded firmly in reality as well as fabulous pleasantries such as d beauty of Milan Pique Mebrak, Nahla Aubry, Aviana De Gallo, Louis Bullock etc. that are also grounded firmly in reality.

    • tee

      I am really sad because i cant have a baby of my own. So I come here to rip on other people’s babies because my life stinks. There, I admitted it. Now you know why I am so unhappy.

    • Anonymous

      What’s sad is that you come to each post MULTIPLE times to make sure that your comments have upset someone and to make sure you’ve started some sh*t.

      Good for you. You’re the #1 idiot on the site. 🙂

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