Jessica Seinfeld & Family: A Celebratory Toast

Jessica Seinfeld posted a cute family photo on Thursday (June 13). Sitting down with Julian, 10, Shepherd, 7, Sascha, 12, and husband Jerry Seinfeld – everyone is holding a wine glass.

The cookbook author writes: “We Seinfeld’s are toasting today’s premiere of Season 2 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Wooo-hoooo!”

The web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has featured funny people Sarah Silverman, David Letterman, and Ricky Gervais.

On Sunday (June 16) Jessica also shared a Father’s Day greeting from Shepherd.

“Happy Father’s Day, Dudes Who Are Dads.”

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • SiervaMaria

    I always wonder why people pick and choose who to judge when it comes to Hollywood/celebrity marriages/relationships. Jessica Seinfeld left her marriage; her very new marriage to be with Jerry Seinfeld and yet, never a word of it is spoken. Same goes for Amy Grant and Vince Gill, or Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, or Johnny Cash and June Carter etc etc etc. And yet, people are STILL calling Angelina Jolie a homewrecker. I just don’t get it.

    • TP

      Actually, the explanation is pretty simple. I’ll bet no one can tell you the NAME of the left-behind-spouse in any of the broken marriages you refer to. But Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt… well, that’s whole different ball game! The world LOVES Jennifer Aniston.

      • Allergy Attack

        Actually more people cant stand Jennifer Aniston then like her…

        • Allergy Attack


          Especially with Jennifers latest stunt…
          Postponing her wedding cause shes too busy, and has agreed to movies and projects and cant seem to find time for her fiance or wedding…

          Just like she did with Brad and babies…Told him that theyd start a family after “Friends” wrapped and right afterwards she started booking movies… Thats why Brad didnt attend the Wrap Party cause she booked movies and he was hurt….He wanted a family so bad.

          Angie playing with Maddox everyday on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith looked real good to him…

          Jennifer is boring and doesnt want marriage or babies now more and more people are starting to see it…

          • Kristine

            Geez…you might need to focus on the real world. You act like you know these people. I think the Seinfield family is adorable and Jerry’s family is a good looking group.

    • Anonymous

      It also happened over a dozen years ago. Everyone has moved on.

  • Allergy Attack

    Kristine I love Seinfeld…

    I was referring to Jennifer Aniston

    • Kristine

      I know that but why talk smack about Jennifer You appear to know her personally

    • Anonymous

      You have a weird obsession with that woman. It’s very strange that you’ve psycho-analyzed a complete stranger. Makes you appear a little cuckoo……

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