Rachel Zoe’s Long-Haired Boy Causes A Stir


HerScoopOur spinoff, HerScoop, asks the question: is it OK for boys to have long hair?

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has the internet abuzz over some sweet shots of her long-locked 2-year-old son Skyler.

Head over to HerScoop to read some of the comments and to voice your opinion.

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  • Anonymous

    Some little boys look nice with long hair, this one looks exactly like a girl.

  • Anonymous

    She treats her kid like a fashion accessory. No boy would choose to look like that.

  • SMH

    She cant fault anyone for calling him a girl. He has very pretty features and the long hair doesn’t help but he’ sill gorgeous. You know if he was girl he wouldn’t be that pretty lol. Girls tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to the gene pool sometimes!

  • Anonymous

    His eyes are incredible.

  • laura

    Very pretty but absolutely girly.
    Usually I’m not one to follow conventions, but I don’t think it’s good for the boy if his mum always pretends he’s a girl and treats him like one… I mean, when he grows up he can make his choices and do whatever he wants, but being confused since you were a baby doesn’t help finding your true identity…
    And, also, kids are mean… If she keeps dressing him and styling him like a girl he’ll sadly be very much mocked by the other boys when he goes to school.

    • Anonymous

      Where do you get that she’s “pretending he’s a girl”??? Because his patents haven’t cut his hair?

      You’re an idiot.

    • Sophia

      Kids aren’t born mean, they start forming negative judgements if that’s the kind of influence they’re surrounded by.
      And I’m also curious, how on earth can you tell that Rachel “pretends he’s a girl”? I’m sorry but having long hair and wearing stylish clothing doesn’t make Skyler any less a boy than if he had a buzz cut and blue tracksuit. He’s obviously too young to make decisions about what he wants to look like yet, so of course it’s up to his parents to make those choices for him. I somehow doubt that he’s going to look back on his baby photos and say “Man, that was so confusing” just because of the length of his hair or the clothes he was wearing.

      • Danielle

        Totally agree!! When i was a child my mom used to cut my hair short (just because it was easier for me and wouldn’t be in my eyes all the time) and that does not make me confused if I am a boy or a girl. When i got older I decided I wanted my hair long, so my mom let me grow it. I think Rachel will do just the same when Skylar gets his “own voice”

  • Bdel

    There is nothing “wrong” with a boy having long hair. But you can’t be upset when people confuse him for a girl, especially when he is this pretty. Even if she cut his hair a couple inches he’d still have a full head of tousled curly hair.

  • Johanna

    Oh dear lord. He has long hair because of RELIGIOUS TRADITION. It’s not because she wanted a girl. It’s because they’re Jewish. Jewish tradition dictates that you don’t cut a boy’s hair until he is 3. Skylar is only 2.5. They’ll cut it when he is old enough.

    Get a grip people. And do some research. You are all very narrow-minded.

    • Lousia

      While it’s true that ‘upsherin’, as it’s called, is indeed traditional among Jewish people; it’s mostly within the chasidic and (other) Orthodox branches of Judaism. It’s not that common at all within mainstream Judaism, really.
      I seriously doubt that this is the reason why Skylar’s hair is kept long.

      • PaminPA

        I don’t think it matters WHY they dont cut his hair. He’s THEIR child and people are vicious simply because some people just suck. So what if he looks like a girl, why is that so awful?

      • Johanna

        They are not the first mainstream Jewish celebs who have done it. I’ve seen others do it as well. She’s very devoted to her faith.

        And honestly I’m surprised at some of these comments considering Kate Hudson rarely cut her sons’ hair. What because Rachel Zoe is a fashionista who originally wanted a daughter it’s wrong? Furthermore, my dad loves long hair on both girls and boys. He would have loved for my brother to have long hair like this. He actually once traded shaving his beard with my brother growing his hair out. And he’s a Princeton-educated lawyer.

  • Marie

    Thanks Johanna, finally some common sense comments. Who cares anyway, it is Rachel’s decision what to do with her own child’s hair. He is gorgeous and how anyone can look at that child and come up with anything hateful to say is beyond me. Skyler is one of the most beautiful child I have ever seen!

  • Heather

    It’s her child. We can chose how do our children’s hair too. I think he is beautiful! He will decide when he is old enough to.

  • Anonymous

    And Johanna you know this because you know the family and they told you? Don’t act like you know their plans. There are a lot of Jewish families that have boys and cut their hair so since you don’t know the family, don’t know how religious they are, couldn’t possibly know what they wish to do. SMH

    • Johanna

      Um neither do you. Good god, get off that high horse you’re on. You sound pathetic. If you are so proud of your opinion, why use Anonymous? Hiding aren’t we? Use your real name. I am.

      If you’ve ever watched her show you would know she is very religious. She didn’t decorate his nursery until he was born because of superstition, she once had a Passover dinner at her home, and she’s talked about it on several occasions on the show’s five seasons.

  • jaja

    Is this the 50s? Yes, it’s ok for anyone to have long hair. Especially if it’s someone you don’t even know.

  • missme?

    I can’t even believe that HIS HAIR is the topic of a public discussion and she had some serious hate spewn her way because of HIS HAIR. who TF cares? it’s her kid. He is gorgeous andalways is smiling and laughing and out and about and looks like he is loved to pieces. JEEEEZUS!

  • Sophia

    I can’t believe that so many people are wasting time spreading negativity about a TODDLER’S HAIR. Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds totally ridiculous. Skylit seems to be a happy, healthy, well-adjusted child, so who honestly cares what length his half is or if you think it makes him look “too girly” (lovely resurrection of an unnecessary gender stereotype there). He’s still a baby, he’ll have plenty of time in his life to be conform to societal pressures and be judged by people who don’t know him (though I hope he doesn’t, and isn’t). If was my kid I wouldn’t want to cut off those beautiful curls either! Live and let live.

    • Sophia

      *Skyler *hair
      Silly phone

  • K

    I think he’s absolutely beautiful. They don’t dress him like a girl, so who cares if his hair is long. I don’t think it’s hurting anything.

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