Nick & JoAnna Garcia Swisher Introduce Daughter

Introducing Emerson Jay Swisher!

New parents Nick and JoAnna Garcia Swisher shared the first photo of their 4-week-old daughter via Twitter Tuesday.

“Who’s ready to see Emerson Jay Swisher?!” the Cleveland Indians first baseman, 32, tweeted before retweeting his wife, who added, “Nick and I would like you all to meet our little angel.”

The proud new parents – who are calling their beautiful baby girl Emme – shared the above shot of their daughter swaddled in a basket, wearing a headband and surrounded by flowers.

“Since the arrival of baby Emerson, Nick and I have been so filled with love, joy and gratitude,” the new mom, 33, wrote a week after Emerson’s May 21 birth. “Finally getting the chance to check back in with twitter and I’m totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of love … you tweeps are the best! Thank you!!”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Anonymous

    Emerson Jay? Sounds like they had a son.

  • A

    Scary picture. It looks like she is lying in a coffin.

    • SiervaMaria

      I thought it was just me! I get what they wanted but in hindsight, it’s a bit eerie. Kinda like a dark Anne Geddy’s.

    • Elle

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. It is a beautiful photo… but perhaps they should’ve ditched the basket??

  • Anonymous

    What a sweet photo. Emerson is a beautiful baby.

  • arabella

    i hate parents who given a child a name like Emerson but called her Emme.

    • Anonymous

      Why? My name is Elizabeth but most of the time my mom calls me Liz. My given name can just be a mouthful to some and it can easier to simply say Liz.

    • Anonymous

      *be easier

    • SiervaMaria

      I’m not fond of it either. As a family and close family friend yeah, a pet name/nickname is cool but my thought is this; why give a name that the world will never know you by? What was the point of picking out a name in the first place if it’s only to be shoved to the background and when used people go “who?”

  • arabella

    What the deal with celebrities giving their daughters masculine name-Emerson Jay Maxwell Drew Justice Jay Johnnie Rose Mason Jude Charlie Billy.

    • DanSy

      Now Rose is quite feminine lol

    • Daniella

      All I ever have to say to people who choose to give their child a very clearly masculine or feminine name (when they’re of the opposite gender) is: “Don’t get upset if teachers, professors, potential employers, etc. mistake them for a boy/girl before they get to meet them.” And if the middle name doesn’t give a clue about the gender, either, then seriously, don’t complain!

      On another note, I would actually assume Johnnie was a girl right off the bat. Names ending in “ie” are frequently feminine.

  • brazilian

    I also thought she was in coffin!! Glad it’s not the case!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not implying that I have a rosier outlook on life or anything of the sort but the thought that it looked like she was in a coffin never even crossed my mind until others brought it up.

  • Bink

    I didn’t think this pic was morbid. I just thought it was nice to see a newborn pic where the kid looked comfy instead of manipulated into little odd positions with her chin in her
    hands folded like a little pretzel! Don’t get me wrong-I think those pics are cute-but they are so common these days.

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