P. Diddy & Kids: Royal Father’s Day Brunch

Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs celebrated Father’s Day with all of his six children last Sunday (June 16).  He posted a photo via Instagram of himself and 6-year-old twins D’Lila Star and Jesse James, Chance, 7, Quincy, 21, Justin, 19, Christian, 15, all wearing crowns and tiaras.

He wrote: “#happyFathersDay my kids threw me a surprise royal brunch! So happy so blessed”

P. Diddy is currently at the Cannes Lions Festival promoting his new cable music channel Revolt TV.

Speaking on stage he said, “I hate watching TV commercials, just like everyone else. The truth will set you free, and I’m here to tell the truth.”

He also added, “If you’re not going to produce great work, you’d better get the f*** out of this room.”

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Anonymous

    All from different mothers. What a disgrace.

    • lee

      And here we go again. He’s not going to send them back into their mothers’ womb so get over it (and three of them have the same mother)

      • LaKesha

        Four have the same mother–The twins, Quincy and Christian.

    • SiervaMaria

      He takes care of his kids emotionally and financially and the oldest isn’t even his biological child, and although I don’t find anyone setting an example that this is the way to go, please don’t overlook that he’s never shirked his fatherhood.

  • sheyla

    Whoa Justin is really staring to look like Puff! His whole face has changed (broadened) you can really see the resemblance now more than ever!! (sigh) Christian is his lil mini-me..the twins favor hime with Kim’s grinch like eyebrows…Now chance is actually stunning!! She favors her sisters without the scowl…I think Chance favors her Grandmother (mouth, lips)… Al B Sure’s kid Quincy is his mini-me.

  • AJ

    Never been a fan of the guy, but I can’t help but enjoy seeing pictures of his kids. No matter what people say about the “different mothers” (to which I say, who cares?) we have what appears to be an extremely loving father who enjoys spending time with his kids. Everyone should be so fortunate.

  • Anonymous

    I guess you people have no morals if you don’t think it’s a big deal. What kind of morality would he teach his kids? To his daughters – just get knocked up from whoever, Daddy did it, it’s ok. To his sons – knock up as many girls as you can and have kids all over the place, Daddy did it, it’s ok. What a joke.

    • LaKesha

      Does he not take care of all of his children? Never heard Any one mention Donald Trump and his various children’s mothers.

    • Anonymous

      Ok, I get your point… but the kids are HERE. What should he do? Ignore them? Pretend they’re not here? No one Saud he was a shining example of how a man should behave, but he apparently lives his kids and they love him. How is THAT not a good thing?

    • Anonymous

      So many fathers out there don’t even look after their own children and he’s raising Quincy like his very own. That’s a real man.

    • Shirlene

      Wow! Have you ever heard “It takes TWO to tango”? He didn’t do it all by himself. I give him props for making his kids his priority. I know of a lot of men & women, who wouldn’t do the same for their own kids. So stop hating.

  • arabella

    Sure he had six children by three different women. some people find it awful.but I gave him credit for being in all his children lives. If any celebrities should get the bad rap is Rod Stewart .I think he has 8 children by seven different mothers.

    • NYCMommy

      Dont worry Diddy may catch up in time. ha ha and FYI- Rod Stewart has 8 kids from 4 women- 1st child given up for adoption when he was young 2-3 with his 1st wife 4 with a girlfrient 5-6 with second wife and 7-8 with third wife….
      Not sure but has Diddy married any of his baby mothers?

      • Anonymous

        Marriage is no guarantee of stability or commitment. What I admire about Diddy is that he raises all his children as a single family. Though they span quite an age range, you will often see them together. When was last time we saw all of Trump’s children together including the daughter he had with Marla.

  • zxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiop

    Donald Trump was married to all their children’s mothers.

    • Duh…

      So what? He was still a whore!!!

      • NYCMommy

        Not only was he married to all his babies mothers but they are also all spread out… Donald Trump did not have 2 ladies pregnant at the same time. So what is whorish about him ?? he was married three times in almost 40 years and had 6 kids with 3 women.. Diddy has had 5 kids in 20 years with 3 women. Seems like Diddy is more of a whore than Mr. Trump.

        • sheyla

          No he cheated on all of his wives,,,He was married to Ivana and taking Marla on all their “Family Vacations” That’s how Ivana found out! He only married Marla because she got pregnant! Marla named her daughter Tiffany because of the store (lame) So, yes he is/was a whore.

          • NYCMommy

            He may be a WHORE by your standards but then so is DIDDY.

  • djb

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…. Just a thought… 🙂

  • ft

    On the Donald Trump and the Mara Maples marriage get your facts straight . He married Marla after she had Tiffany not before she got pregnant. When they did wed the baby was 2 months old!

  • ft

    People get your facts straight about the Donald he did not marry Marla before she became pregnant as a matter of fact he married Marla after thier daughter Tiffany was born thier daughter was 3 month’s old when Donald Trump married his long time mistress! True P Diddy my not be perhaps a committed person when it came to relationships w/ these females but he is a committed father to all his children even to Quincey the one that’s not his.

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