Seal Reunited With Kids In L.A.

Kiss From a Rose singer Seal was seen with his four children – Leni, 8, Henry, 7, Johan, 6, and Lou, 3 – at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday (June 18). While toting Johan in his arms, the other kids were seen sending off their dad at the busy terminal.

Later that same day, Martin Kirsten was spotted with the kids back at LAX. Joined by some family, the group were seen departing to New York City to visit mom, Heidi Klum, who is still in the Big Apple.

Earlier this month, we saw the kids give their mom a group hug as she headed off to NYC for her work commitments.

We last saw the kids with Seal in October. Hopefully they enjoyed Father’s Day weekend together.

Heidi said that she began dating Martin after her split from Seal. The pair’s relationship angered Seal, who accused his ex of “fornicating with the help.”

“I would have preferred Heidi to have shown a little bit more class and at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the help,” Seal said.

The singer has since backed away from the comment, and Heidi has denied suggestions she cheated on Seal during their seven-marriage.

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  • choop

    Leni will be gorgeous woman. Wait and see.

  • sheyla

    Awww it seems that Johan really misses his dad. The ironic part about this is. While Seal adopted Leni because Heidi hadn’t/hasn’t revealed that Martin is infact Leni’s biological dad. Now the roles are reverse and they are now being raised by Leni’s bio dad but Seal is her Legal Dad. Heidi…smh…messy

    • L

      This comment made me laugh so much, thanks for being nutty.

    • annefan

      Martin is not Leni’s biological dad… Check your facts before you write BS

  • Anonymous

    Sheyla – I hope that comment was a joke because everyone knows that Flavio Briatore is Leni’s biological father.

  • Tina

    My gosh, “Seal” is one ugly dude!! EWWW!

  • sheyla

    L, Annefan & Annon: Why do you believe Flavio is her biological dad? Because Heidi said so? She TRIED hard to pin that baby on him. Flavio wasn’t having it!! If you recall he denied her form the womb!! If this was actually his baby Heidi would have A: demanded a paternity Test ( didn’t happen…He never signed the birth certificate..NEVER Acknowledged her because she was a sleep around model..She admitted that when she liked what she saw she went for it!! That’s how she got Seal!! She like his body and HAD to “Try out the Merchandise” as she put it…Besides, Martin has been her bodyguard for as long as Leni existed Remember that is why the children are so comfortable around him..He has been around all their lives!! Heidi slept around on Flavio and he knew she was “Fornicating with the help” He drop kicked her ass to the curb and married another model and had a baby boy by his Wife!! Support had never been an issue for him he just wasn’t about to support another man’s baby. Or leave his heritage to some random golddigger model… Besides, Are you all Blind? Leni and Martin are the Spitting image of each other!! She looks more like him than Heidi!! It took Seal a while but he finally REALLY looked at Leni and realized what was going on that he had fell for Heidi’s sob story and adopted this bastard child who’s father he was paying to guard his OWN Child and screw his wife!!

    • Tracy

      You have way too much time in your hand…

    • Lulu

      Flavio never denied being the father of Leni for one and was recorded to have given his consent. Secondly, only one signature is required on a birth certificate so Flavio would not need to sign if the mother did. Tracy is correct that you have too much time on your hands. Your use of old nasty words and phrases places you in a time warp. Ugly attitude much!!

      • sheyla

        Awww lil Lulu..Truth Hurts?..Time on my hands is well spent stating facts…You can’t deny the resemblance and Mad that I exposed it. It’s ok sweetie..Calm down..Heidi’s sloring ways are well known and documented.

    • L

      So much lol.

  • Klara

    Leni is beautiful.

  • anonymous

    Lou is gorgeous

  • Annie
    • sheyla

      Yeah Martin Kristen..Are you actually denying that they are splitting images of each other?

    • sheyla

      LOL!!! Good one! Where? Skin complexion? HAHAHAHA!!! now do a side by side of the three (Maury Povich style)…Martin: You ARE the Father!!! lol!

  • Izzy

    @sheyla: Flavio Briatore IS Leni`s biological father! Heidi and Flavio were together until Heidi was a few months pregnant. Flavio gave an interview here in Germany a few years ago where he was asked if he has contact with Leni and if he has problems with the fact that Seal adopted her. He said that they don´t have contact but Heidi and Seal would be open if they want to. And he gave his ok for the adoption, because the biological father must give his consent to it.

    • Izzy

      P.S. @sheyla: If you were properly informed you would know that Martin was they bodyguard for only 4 years before Heidi and him came together. That means that he works for her since Leni is 3!

    • sheyla

      Duh!! Of course he doesn’t/wouldn’t have a problem with it because He isn’t her father!! What part don’t you all understand?!! Martin has been around for as long as Flavio was around…What Father gives up parental obligation that can afford a child (his allege first by the way) and turn around and marry another model and claim her child?

    • sheyla

      Lulu and Izzy you’re contradicting statements: Riddle me this: Only one signature needed on BC and Bio Dad must give consent? huh? 1.How is a father considered bio if he isn’t on BC? 2. If there is no DNA how is he considered Biological dad. Flavio pretty much proved my and his point. She tried like heck to get him to claim that baby…HE NEVER DID!!

      • Lulu

        I did birth certs. in a hospital for 7 years. Only one signature is required on a birth certificate (check your own). And I completed many with only mother’s name.

        • sheyla

          What’s your point LuLu? The mother signature and what? that DOES NOT PROVE PATERNITY!! Geesh! Still reaching try again…

  • I think is 9.

    • I think Leni is 9.

  • A concerned fan

    My heart goes out to all involved (esp. Seal). When divorce involves sole custody, usually Dads get short end. It saddens me to see bodyguard taking his haughty, arrogant position at soccer games (events Dads should attend to support sons) with Ms. Klum glued to his side, younger kids in his lap with a ‘thumb up or victory sign’. I can count on one hand the times they are with Seal. LESSON: If you meet someone, regardless of how beautiful, talented, etc, they have been divorced, pregnant from failed relationship within 1 year, LEAVE THEM RIGHT THERE!! Hopeful, next time he get a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31).

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